MARCH 1, 2021


Welcome back to The Hunting Wire for another jammed-packed edition for and about hunting and hunters all over our great country. March is here, and that means it’s time to talk turkeys. Hunting Wire Radio does just that for us in this issue. We also learn all about hunting rabbits, late-season whitetails in Alabama, and we get an update on “Bob” who traveled to Texas to hunt feral hogs with a new hunter. Delta Waterfowl gives us some social media guidance in our Voice of Leadership Panel, and we get a review of Weatherby’s 18i shotgun, plus a whole lot more. As always, thank you for your support and feedback about The Hunting Wire, Jay Pinsky

By Kyle Wintersteen / Delta Waterfowl

A few years ago, the teenage daughter of a family friend killed the third largest non-typical whitetail buck — and the largest ever taken by a female hunter — in Pennsylvania. It was an achievement she’d earned, having scouted the deer all summer, later encountering it sporadically during archery season and ultimately bagging it with a rifle.

It was an incredible moment. A proud moment. But the experience was soon sullied by harassing social media “trolls,” which included both anti-hunters and, most frustratingly of all, folks who dare to call themselves sportsmen. Some objected to the concept of hunting entirely. Misogynists alleged that a female killing an animal was unnatural. And jealous hunters developed a conspiracy theory that the buck, which the young hunter had killed under the highest standards of fair chase, was shot within a high fence.

While these attacks on a young girl by grown adults surely hurt, she continued hunting given the overwhelming support of her parents, both of whom hunt, and her friends. But just imagine if she lacked that support network. What if she was a newcomer to hunting, perhaps 50/50 on whether she’d continue, and she was met with harassment or even threats for posting a photo on social media of a well-deserved turkey, duck or pheasant?

“Social media has absolutely made new hunters and hunters in general more accessible for negative feedback,” said Joel Brice, Delta Waterfowl’s vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment programs, and a member of The Hunting Wire’s Voice of Leadership Panel. “If a new hunter sticks his or her neck out there and gets lit up, that’s a problem. We as a community need to do a better job providing positive feedback to new hunters in our recruitment efforts.”

Given the issue’s rampant nature, I’d surmise that like me, you have personally experienced it. A stranger prone to violence and bunny hugging once sent a private Facebook message to me asserting I ought to be shot for my love of duck hunting (incidentally, I was informed that such language does not violate the social giant’s “community standards”). However, as seasoned, adult hunters who couldn’t quit the sporting life even if we wanted to, such comments typically roll off our backs. The same may not be true for newer hunters seeking positive affirmation of a new hobby, or younger hunters who tend to place greater value on the opinions of their peer group. (Admit it: In junior high, especially, you cared what people thought of you.)

“Of further concern, it’s pretty clear that people aren’t typically going after adult male hunters online, but rather women and children,” said Brice, who directs Delta’s HunteR3 (recruitment, retention, and reactivation) programs. “They seem to either lack the courage to attack men or find it more offensive that a woman or child would hunt. A simple internet search reveals a multitude of examples.”

Additionally, qualitative evidence suggests that “hero shots” of mammals, such as wolves or elk, arouse greater hostility than animals that anti-hunters are less able to identify with, particularly birds. The point is, when doing your conservation duty by mentoring a new hunter, consider the hunter’s age, gender and the type of hunt upon which you’re embarking. How likely is this individual to face unfair criticism if a photo were to be posted online?

“Part of mentoring new hunters in the digital age, especially those most vulnerable to online bullying, is preparing them for the fact that a fraction of society doesn’t think we ought to hunt at all,” Brice said. “Beginning hunters should be armed with the basic information needed to respectfully refute common criticisms and know better than to engage with someone who’s simply being abusive. Walk away or hit the block button.”

Certainly, you should provide your mentee with a brief overview of Pittman-Robertson funds, the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, and why you personally choose to hunt. But also explain to him or her that regardless of anyone’s emotionally charged opinion, hunting is a natural part of being human. It is, as Dr. James Swan once wrote, “a very basic instinct programmed into the master computer of our species for survival purposes that has been elevated by ethics to become a ‘sport,’ which enables us to express our basic biological identity.”

Rudimentary instruction about “hero shots” and wildlife photography can also be helpful. Photos that fail to put the hunt in context, or worse, lack respect for the animal are sure to raise the ire of hunters and non-hunters alike.

“I’m not suggesting we should ever apologize for hunting,” Brice said. “But certainly, cleaning up any excessive blood and never boastfully posing on top of an animal are simple steps new hunters can take to tastefully share their hunts. Alternatively, posting a photo of the resulting wild-game meal can be a gentler way for newcomers to tell their friends about their new hobby.”

Several organizations have taken the lead in recruiting new hunters and ensuring their continued interest. Delta Waterfowl’s First Hunt — the largest waterfowl hunter recruitment program in North America — as well as the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s +One program, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s R3 program and others all stress the need to ensure participants are well informed about hunting’s role in conservation, and to engage with them far beyond the initial hunt. However, conservation and hunting organizations can’t be left to shoulder the entire load. It takes all of us.

“Online harassment can clearly be an impediment to recruiting new hunters, and therefore it’s a threat the future of conservation in North America,” Brice said. “We as the hunting community need a new approach. We have to prepare beginning hunters for the possible reactions to their new passion, while providing supportive, positive reinforcement of their endeavor. That’s critical to the second ‘R’ in HunteR3: retention.”

Kyle Wintersteeen of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, is managing editor of Delta Waterfowl.

2020-2021 The Hunting Wire Voice of Leadership Panel

The Voice of Leadership Panel is an appointed six-person group of outdoor industry leaders who have volunteered to contribute their voices on key hunting and outdoor recreation issues to inform, inspire, and educate participants within our community.

  • Jim Curcuruto, Hunting and Firearms Industry Consultant
  • Mandy Harling, National Director of Hunting Heritage Programs, National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Jenifer Wisniewski, Chief, Outreach and Communication, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
  • Jess Johnson, Legislative and Advocacy, Wyoming Wildlife Federation
  • Joel Brice, Vice President, Waterfowl & Hunter Recruitment Programs, Delta Waterfowl
  • Makayla Scott, Montreat College Shotgun Team


  • James “Jay” Pinsky, Editor, The Hunting Wire
  • Peter Churchbourne, Director, NRA Hunter Leadership Forum


Each month The Hunting Wire highlights one of America’s state-run wildlife management agencies to enhance the ongoing education and awareness campaigns of each state. The United States bases its hunting and conservation programs on what is known as the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. While often geographically unique, all state programs align with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, and offer news, information, and resources which can benefit American hunters.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s mission is to conserve and enhance Arkansas's fish and wildlife and their habitats while promoting sustainable use, public understanding and support.

RECRUITMENT, RETENTION AND REACTIVATION (R3): Arkansas has a robust website for its hunters and a direct link to their 2020-2025 R3 plan “The Future of Conservation and Outdoor Recreation in Arkansas.” Link Here

Arkansas also offers an Outdoor Skills program which offers knowledge and hands-on experience to hone your skills in a variety of outdoors pursuits, including archery, conservation leadership, fishing, game-calling, hunting, marksmanship, paddle sports, trapping and wildlife-watching.

CONSERVATION & EDUCATION: Arkansas has a variety of conservation education programming for its residents. One useful section is the Deer Management Assistance Program which helps educate Arkansas hunters about deer management.

By Jay Pinsky

The Mossberg Patriot Predator with the Cerakote/Strata Camo.

Some people think Virginia is the south. I reckon it is to northerners, but to those of you in the deep south, Virginia may as well be Maine.

Ok, maybe not Maine, but the point is the deep south is different. The people are different, the geography is diverse, and the deer are different.

How so? Well, some Alabama deer are a bit more romantic, seeing how they like to hold their rut around Valentine's Day in February. That's at least what the plan is and has been for years for the deer around Banks, Alabama, where I hunted with Racknine Outdoors.

So, why is the rut so late? Well, Alabama's rut periods vary based on the map, literally, and can range from early November or as late as February. Why? One of the biggest reasons can be attributed to deer genetics. You see, deer in Alabama aren't all related. Many of them are transplanted from a massive restocking program Alabama did in the late 20th century. Alabama used deer from all over the United States, and those deer brought their rut characteristics. The deer I hunted in Banks, Alabama, most likely are descendants of the southwestern Alabama deer. Their rut, which is the predominant one for Alabama, runs much later in January and runs through February. But wait, there's more; Alabama's rut doesn't fit into a textbook two-week cycle like so many Americans are used to. Nope, down in Alabama, they have what the locals call a trickle rut where it comes in and goes out numerous times. Several factors contribute to a trickle rut, including an unbalanced buck-to-doe ratio for the herds, hunting pressure, and weather.

There's a lot more science to know to fully understand Alabama's unique rutting habits, but the bottom line for me was I got to hunt whitetails during the peak of the rut in February. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

My February trip was sponsored by Mossberg. I took a Mossberg Patriot Predator in the Cerakote/Strata Camo pattern chambered in the ultra-modern 6.5 PRC. I'd like to tell you all about why I chose Hornady's ultra-fast 6.5 cartridge by bragging about its superior ballistics, modern case design, and superb accuracy. Still, the truth of the matter is I asked for a cartridge I already had ammunition for because getting ammunition these days is the most challenging trophy hunt any of us hunters have. I had four boxes of HSM's superb 140 grain Berger VLD hunting ammo on my shelf, so that's what I asked Mossberg for, and they were able to send me one. I topped the super light and smooth bolt-action rifle with GPO-USA's new Spectra Series 1.5-9x32i riflescope.

Contrary to popular belief, a small, fast, and well-balanced riflescope isn't a handicap on an ultra-modern rifle. In fact, it's a balanced match in Heaven because I didn't have to mount the scope high to accommodate a huge 50mm objective. The Patriot Predator comes threaded, so I was finally able to use my freshly tax-stamped CZ-USA 7.62 Ti suppressor.

GPO-USA’s new Spectra 6x Series 1.5-9x32i optic

So, how does the Mossberg Patriot Predator shoot? It's great. I only had one brand of ammo to test and sight it in with, so my review is limited. But I know all of you understand just how hard it is for us to find and keep ammunition these days. The HSM Berger 140 grain VLD bullets grouped well under an inch with the suppressor installed on the rifle and paired with the GPO-USA Spectra 1.5-9x32i optic. Once I zeroed the rifle, I shot two groups of five shots to verify my zero, and I saved the rest for Alabama. Noteworthy comments about the Mossberg rifle are how simple and mechanical it is. Everything worked well and deliberately. I enjoyed Mossberg's LBA Adjustable Trigger the most and would compare it in look and feel to Savage's Accutrigger. My only "meh" comment about the rifle was that I found the grip on the synthetic stock was a bit narrow for my tastes. The Cerakote finish and synthetic stock would later prove ideal for what turned into a very wet hunt.

After a few years of brutal and disappointing experiences with hunt brokers, I decided to test my luck with No one directed me to use them, nor was I sponsored, paid, or leveraged to use them. I just wanted to hunt, and my internet search led me to them, and I tried it. It was the smoothest, most reliable, and most transparent hunt booking process I have ever used, and I highly recommend anyone at least visit I was able to find lots of hunts for the animal I wanted when I wanted it, and where. All of the guides and outfitters have real reviews, and you can compare them.

My research on led me to Racknine Outdoors. The reviews were good. I could see who my guides were, and I saw many reviews from hunters who were both prosperous and not successful, and no one had anything wrong to say. I sent an email to ask a few questions, and Racknine Outdoors responded within hours. Racknine Outdoors began guiding me while I was in Virginia by bringing the right gear, the proper licenses and tags, and the right attitude to be successful in Alabama. I eventually learned that I was talking to one of Racknine's two owners, Stephanie Ferguson, and I half-jokingly asked if I could get some collard greens and sweet tea while I was down there since I grew up in the south and missed it. Guess what, when I got to Racknine Outdoors, she had both waiting for me. The other owner, Terry Garrett, takes great pride in the family-style atmosphere at Racknine Outdoors, and that's exactly how I felt there. In my review of their service, I think I wrote that Racknine Outdoors isn't an outfitter but a family who likes to hunt and treats you like a guest. I think you get the point. These are good folks.

The food was southern and delicious, and there was always plenty of it.

Now, good folks, fine food, and dependable accommodations are all well and good, but I was there to hunt deer, not chow down on collard greens and as good as Terry's cooking was, his deer hunting skills are better.

Terry paired me with fellow southerner and head guide Ryan Elfid. I saw deer every time I went out, and I saw bucks every day. On the second day of a three-day hunt, I saw a shooter buck but could never get a clean, ethical shot on the nose-to-ground rutting buck. I was allowed to take one buck and one doe. Racknine wants its hunters to shoot 8-pointers or better but more than points; what they want and coach their hunters to judge is a deer's age. This buck was young, and the first two days, I saw several spikes, does, and button bucks. As the sun began to set on my last day of hunting, I thought I'd go home empty-handed.

Well …

It rained most of the time I was in Alabama, and it was cold. 30 degrees in 80-100 percent humidity isn't any fun. My First Lite Chamberlin Down jacket was warm, quiet, and durable. It was worth every penny I paid. While it never rained hard enough to worry the deer, it certainly dampened my spirits as I wondered if and when Id ever get a chance to see how a 6.5 PRC worked on deer. The rifle got wet and stayed wet during my hunts. I always cleaned it off after I got back to the lodge, but I also didn't worry too much about the rifle because Cerekote handles moisture well.

During the last evening sit of my hunt with Racknine Outdoors, I sat in a covered shoothouse near a small pond. Ryan and Terry both told me the deer can come from anywhere, but most parks would probably come to my right and be patient if the younger guys came in. Their scouting told them big bucks were in the area.

The rain got worse. It sounded cool in the woods, especially since I wasn't getting wet, but I was well past the romance stage of hunting in the deep south. I wanted a buck. It got darker. Sunset was at 5:22 p.m., and before I knew it, sunset arrived, and my deer didn't.

Now, like most places, Alabama's legal shooting light laws give me another 30 minutes after sunset. As it would turn out, I'd need every last second. So, I still technically had time, but it was getting pretty dark. Thank goodness I had some world-class optics. I used the GPO-USA RangeGuide 2800 10x50mm range-finding binoculars to scan the heavy brush around me. I could see quite well through the glass despite the heavy canopy cover, rain, and sunset. When a mature doe walked out in view with about five minutes left of legal shooting light, I saw her cleanly. I instantly switched to my rifle scope and, without losing any visibility, found and quickly anchored her with one shot at 65 yards.

No buck. But the Mossberg had spoken, and I had a nice-sized doe to donate to the local community church food bank.

Then another doe came out. I couldn't shoot her because my tag was full, so I watched her. She spooked, and I wondered why. Then a larger doe came in, and she brought her boyfriend. As soon as I saw his rack, I knew he was a shooter for the area. Was he massive? No. But, man, was he unique. Then with my crosshairs waiting for his chest to clear the pine tree covering him, I waited. Just one more step …

Boom. Two deer. An eight-point buck with as unique a set of antlers as I have ever seen and a doe both fell to the Mossberg Patriot Predator chambered in 6.5 PRC within five minutes of each other and right at the end of legal shooting light. There's no doubt in my mind that the optics I used had the most to do with me being successful under less-than-ideal conditions. Like I said, it was raining pretty hard, and I was in heavy cover, and it was several minutes past sunset. The GPO-USA optics not only enabled me to spot the deer but cleanly identify them and take good, clean, ethical shots. I don't know what else you need your optics to do. The rifle, ammo, suppressor, and optics all worked precisely as they should, when they should. The outfitter and guide put me on the deer daily, and I finally connected.

Mission accomplished

Racknine owner, Terry Garrett, left, and head guide, Ryan Elfid, right, skin and quarter my buck which was donated to a local church food bank.

Read on to learn more about the optics I used as I interviewed GPO-USA’s Mike Jensen about his products.

A Conversation with GPO-USA’s Mike Jensen

I recently had the opportunity to take GPO-USA’s new Spectra 1.5-9x32i riflescope and their RangeGuide 2800 10X50mm range-finding binoculars on a Mossberg-sponsored hunt for whitetails in Alabama. Optics made a huge difference on this hunt due to the weather and limited light shooting opportunities, which I touched on in the story.

1. What motivated GPO-USA to introduce the Spectra line of riflescopes?

Riflescopes are competitive, and the market is saturated. Customers want more bang for their buck, more features and with technology advancements, every company has to keep innovation alive and fresh. The GPO riflescope line needed additional sku's, more features, more value to meet more customer demands, so the Spectra line was born. The company also needed to add reticles and turret features that were missing from the original lineup.

2. Why did you choose to go with a smaller, lighter riflescope for hunters when so many other manufacturers are making bigger and heavier scopes?

The Spectra line is fairly broad, with scopes small to large. We do offer the high magnification big scopes also. Yes, the market is moving bigger and heavier, but it is also forgetting about all those hunters who don't want big and heavy, who don't need big and heavy, but who want high technology modern smaller scopes. Our research told us that there was a gap in the offerings from brands to keep a compact scope, with high zoom features, illuminated reticles available. The current compact scopes were mostly older technology. We therefore made sure that we included a lower power sub-compact scope in the new product offerings. It has been welcomed by our customers with open arms.

3. Does a hunter who chooses a smaller scope, like the 1.5-9x32imm lose a lot of light gathering ability and optical quality versus a similar scope that’s a 40mm or even a 50mm? What does a hunter give up and gain with this series of scope?

There is this fallacy in optics that optics "gather" light. Technically this is incorrect... quality optics "transmit" light. A quality Spectra scope 1.5-9x32i is transmitting the exact same amount of light through the optical system as a new Spectra 3-15x56i. You don't need a big 56mm objective lens to have a high transmission low light scope. Big objectives only help at high magnification. So, what you sacrifice with a smaller objective scope is actually exit pupil.

All optics create an exit beam of light that exits the optic and enters your eye. This light beam diameter is called exit pupil, and the diameter size of this beam of light is normally a mathematical equation, the objective lens diameter divided by the magnification. For example, a 1.5-9x32 riflescope normally has a 21mm beam of light at 1.5X (32/1.5) and it has a 3.5mm beam of light at 9X (32/9). The larger the objective, the larger the beam of light if the magnification is the same. What's important is how large your eye pupil is dilated based on the current light conditions. On a bright day, your pupil is small, and in the dark, your pupil is open (actually asking for more light). If an optic is creating a beam of light larger than your actual pupil, then the light can't enter your eye anyway. Human pupils’ range in size based on current light conditions between 1mm (a bright day and older eyes) to 8mm (seeing in the dark and younger eyes). The bottom line here is that a small objective scope is not sacrificing light, it is sacrificing the exit pupil diameter beam of light, but this only comes into play if you are using a small objective scope at high magnification in low light.

The only advantage a larger objective scope gives you in normal light conditions (when you eye pupil isn't big anyway), is resolution - the sharpness of the center image. Optics bend light, and they bend more light at the outer edges of the glass to create an optical image. Always, the BEST sharpest part of the optical image (what you are looking at) is the center of the image. A larger objective lens will create better center resolution, because the image that is created from a larger center piece of glass on the front of the scope has to do less work to build the optical picture.

4. Why should a hunter use a set of binoculars with a built-in rangefinder?

Bottom line, you minimize the equipment you have to carry, or the number of pieces of equipment that might fail.

5. Optically and mechanically what are some of the thing’s hunters need to understand about range-finding binoculars so that they can have the best of both worlds optically and with ranging?

All range-finding binoculars sacrifice light transmission due to the splitting of the optical image to display a reading inside. Every brand will admit this, every brand does (or should) show this in their technical specifications. A premium 10x42 binocular will transmit more light than a same brand 10x42 RF bino. GPO chose a different path. We understand that most range-finding binos are 10x42's, and we also would have had a light transmission reduction if we made a 10x42 RF bino in our premium line. We got creative and chose to make a 10x50RF bino, but to build it on a 10x42 frame. This gives you a larger exit pupil beam of light to compensate for the light reduction created from the image split. So optically, a 50mm RF bino (RANGEGUIDE) offers a better option for what you lose with 42mm optics.

Mechanically, RF binos have more features to learn, but most people will pick up on these added tools quickly. Mechanically, you can end up with a great binocular, that when needed will display your range, calculate angle, laser targets in poor weather conditions... all at very far distances. If you are using a 10x42, or 10x50, and a separate rangefinder, it will make sense to combine them.

6. Are there situations where you would recommend a rangefinder and binoculars be separate? When should they be combined?

There are several reasons to keep your rangefinder and binoculars on separate platforms.

1. If you are using and carrying a high magnification binocular that you use on a tripod for long range glassing, you want a separate rangefinder. This minimizes the size and weight of carrying a second pair of bino-rangefinders.

2. If you are a bowhunter and you carry a very compact pair of binos, then you need a separate rangefinder for yardage calculations since there is not a quality compact rangefinder binocular product on the market - yet :-).

3. However, if you are using a standard 10x42 or 10x50 for most or all your hunting, and carrying a rangefinder, there is no reason to separate your devices. Combining them will make sense.

Episode 10 – Chicken-Fried Vension

By Ken Perrotte

Video: Chicken-Fried Venison

Chicken Fried Venison. Easy-to-make comfort food for the deer hunter. Outdoors Rambler Ken Perrotte teams up with Colton Josselyn to show you to make this simple, satisfying venison recipe. Well-trimmed meat is given the tenderizing treatment with both a "Mr. Tenderizer" and an old-fashioned meat mallet. Seasoned and quick fried, served alongside mashed potatoes with a cream gravy that added a little sausage gravy for extra flavor. Shot on location at Kinloch Farm in Essex County, Virginia, a place famous for annually hosting youth deer hunters sponsored by the Virginia Deer Hunters Association. Videotaped in partnership with The Hunting Wire. For the full written recipe, plus more videos and recipes, visit

Part III – Rabbits Anyone?

By Larry Case -

This is a series about small game hunting. Readers can look forward to articles on squirrel, rabbit, upland birds, varmints, and furbearers, maybe even turkey hunting. Also, we will talk about some appropriate firearms for this type of hunting. Something else you would like to see? Please contact us here at the Hunting Wire.

Rabbit hunters in Monroe County

“Look in here! Seek! Get ‘em! Look here!” My hunting buddy’s shouts were measured and rhythmic. He repeated the words over and again, giving emphasis when he stepped in likely looking pieces of cover. When he reached something he thought was especially inviting his tone would change and he would increase the tempo. This meant get here, everybody, right now!

His charges, a pack of no less than nine beagle hounds, seemed to hang on his every word and would rush to him as if they were one giant beagle, all connected. I watched from the side, 20-gauge double over my shoulder, unnoticed by man and dogs, they were in the zone.

Just then a cottontail rabbit squirted out the cover and all heck broke loose. The rabbit disappeared in three jumps, but the beagles exploded in gales of hound music and were on his trail. Unless this rabbit elects to go into a groundhog hole (happens often), swim the Mississippi River, or sprout wings and fly, these beagles will follow him to the ends of the earth.

This moment, when the beagles are clamoring on a hot rabbit track, telling the world they are trailing their quarry, this is what it is all about if you are a dyed in the wool rabbit hunter. Our line of four hunters settles into likely places to watch, standing quietly and soaking up the beagle symphony that was filling up the cold January air.

The Small Game Staple.

Back in the day rabbits were the most popular game animal in America and may still be with over 1.5 million bunny chasers in the country. Like squirrels, rabbits are often plentiful and easily accessible as some good rabbit hunting areas can be found on public ground. On private land most any grown-up farmland or brushy area will hold rabbits.

To put a finer point on it the bunny we are talking about hunting here is the cottontail rabbit. This rabbit is a member of the genus Sylvilagus, and can be found over most of North America, Central, and South America. As a game animal most of us think of the cottontail as an inhabitant of the eastern and Midwest sections of the US, but in fact they are sometimes found in large numbers in the western states.

While there are several subspecies, the cottontail rabbit is usually identified by the white cotton ball like tail and white undersides, both of which are usually visible when he makes his getaway from you. Hunters are familiar with a well-known variant of the common cottontail known as the Swamp Rabbit. “Swampers” are found in many wet and swampy areas of the south and are larger than the standard cottontail and have trademark large, webbed feet. Swampers are excellent swimmers and they do not hesitate to hit the water to evade a pack of beagles. The Swamp Rabbit is also known to run a much greater distance when pursued by the little hounds.

Hunting rabbits is fast-paced and fun.

We should mention another cousin of the cottontail that is of interest to hunters. The Snowshoe Hare is technically not at rabbit, but a true hare. Rabbits are born blind and hairless and the hare is fully furred at birth. Hares are generally larger and have bigger feet and ears. The Snowshoe Hare can be found in several eastern states and into Canada, usually at higher elevations. Snowshoes are famous to hunters for living in extremely thick cover and when pursued by beagles they will run much farther than most cottontails or even Swampers.

Any animal that is a predator likely preys on rabbits. Foxes, coyotes, bobcats, hawks, owls, domestic cats, mink, and weasels are all looking for a rabbit dinner. The only defense the rabbit really has is his speed and staying in thick cover as much as possible. Eventually of course a rabbit is going to travel into a somewhat open area, and they are then very vulnerable, especially to the birds of prey. Rabbits have a very high mortality rate which is why nature provides that they raise usually three litters per year.

Hunting the Wascally Wabbit.

Beagles are great rabbit-hunting dogs

As with most game animals, rabbits can be hunted in different ways, but by far the most popular and successful method is hunting with a good pack of beagle hounds. The beagle hound is the center of the universe for this type of hunting. You can hunt rabbits without a dog, and you may have some success but it just ain’t the same without a few of the animated little hounds. Beagle like dogs have existed for thousands of years, according to people who study such things (can you get a degree in Beagleology?) Beagles descended from larger trail type hounds like foxhounds and the St. Hubert hound of the Middle Ages. No less than Queen Elizabeth I had several beagles of a small variety known as “pocket beagles”.

Today’s modern beagle most likely comes from breeding endeavors started in the 1830’s in England and improvements on this by the 1870’s in the good old US of A. We had beagles around when I was a kid, and I thought I knew a little something about them. When I am around beagle hound aficionados today, I am always amazed at the variety of modern rabbit hounds, mostly in the speed realm.

There are now evidently several speeds of beagle hound for you to choose from. Some want a slow, methodical hound that runs the track of the rabbit exactly, not varying one inch from the actual track that the rabbit ran. Others want a faster dog that moves the track and cuts corners here and there, making the rabbit pick up the pace and get out of Dodge. There is apparently all manner of degrees of speed in between these two extremes. If you are interested find a beagle guy and question him about all this. (Warning, this may take several hours!)

Regardless of the type of beagle you hunt with, the drill for a typical rabbit hunt is much the same. You and your buddies bust through the thickest cover you can find to roust out a rabbit. Your beagle pack is doing the same, crawling their way through the briers and brambles trying to jump a rabbit. When a rabbit squirts out of the cover in front of the dogs, the wild music of the beagles begins. The textbook chase here would be for the rabbit to make a large circle, beagles in hot pursuit, and come back somewhere close to the area from which he sprang from cover. Sometimes this happens, sometimes not, often the sneaky little bunny will dive into a hole in the ground (a’ la Buggs Bunny) and the dogs have to look for another rabbit to chase. No problem, you can’t win “em all.

Every chase and rabbit can be different, some will circle back in a few minutes, some could take an hour. The true hound hunters are here for the chase and want the rabbit to run as long as he can. The hunters’ station themselves at different points near the spot where the rabbit was jumped and must wait quietly and not move too much to stand a chance of getting a shot at the approaching rabbit. Once the rabbit is bagged or goes underground the beagles and hunters regroup and advance through the cover looking for the next bunny.

Hunting without beagles.

There are other ways to hunt rabbits without the traditional pack of beagles. Before we talk about still hunting rabbits and the traditional method of “kicking brush piles” I have known some bird dog owners to take rabbits with their pointing dogs. Now some hard-core bird hunters will turn their noses up at this method, but the truth is most bird dogs will find and point rabbits. This allows the hunter to be somewhat ready when the rabbit catapults out of cover. The cottontail rabbit is fast and in thick cover your chances for a shot will only be a second or two.

You can take rabbits without any canine help and it can be a lot of fun. Your chances are better with a buddy or two, but you can do it alone. Working the same cover as you would with dogs, the method here is to go slow and steady. Take a few steps and continually scan the cover in front of you. Even in this thick cover believe it or not, what you are looking for is the dark eye of the rabbit. While he is nestled in the bush, the eye of the rabbit will be the most visible to you. This takes some practice and I know some hunters that are very good at this, they will spot ten rabbits to my one, sitting motionless in the brush.

The sitting rabbit affords the chance to use a .22 rifle for the shot if you are so inclined. Two hunters working together, one with the rifle and one with a shotgun, makes for a good combination. Any large pieces of cover, especially brush piles, may hold a rabbit. With two hunters one of you can pose as the beagle and kick the brush pile while the other watches for the escaping bunny.

Gear and guns.

Like squirrel hunting, one of the great things about rabbit hunting is you don’t need a lot of fancy gear. Your most valuable asset may be some protective clothing, the thickset, nastiest, brier infested cover is where you want to be. Brush pants and chaps are almost a necessity for this type hunting. Some avid rabbit hunters prefer the heavy duck material bibs and overall clothing. This can be very handy, when you return to the truck you can pull off the overalls which will likely be covered in burrs and briers. Blaze orange should be worn by everyone in the party.

For a shotgun, a good choice may be the CZ-USA 10-12 semi-automatic. The new CZ-USA 1012 is a semi auto that will shoot like a house on fire with whatever you stick in it, light 2 ¾” loads to heavy 3” Magnums. This is not a gas-powered shotgun that can be a little finicky when it gets dirty. The 1012 uses the energy of the recoil to eject the spent shell and load the next round. CZ-USA put the 1012 through the wringer firing over 5,000 rounds without cleaning or any lubricant. This shotgun will stand up to anything the rabbit and small game hunter will throw at it, briers, brush, and muddy beagle tracks. A shotgun using inertia to work the action is not new, but one with an MSRP of $659.00 is.

As noted earlier, a team of hunters still hunting for rabbits may want to include a .22 rifle. The Savage A-22 Rifle will fill the bill for this work. Savage Arms, long known for no nonsense firearms, has come to the forefront in recent years with high quality rifles that won’t break the bank. Savage wowed the rimfire world a few years ago with the introduction of the A17, the first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the 17 HMR cartridge, as well as the A22, in 22 Long Rifle. The receiver on the A22 is machined from a single billet of case-hardened steel; this is a major upgrade from die-cast receivers in other rimfire rifles. Like its predecessors the A17 and A22 Magnum the A22 model features a thread in barrel with zero tolerance head space similar to how Savage constructs its centerfire rifles. The 22 inch carbon steel barrel is button rifled for improved accuracy. MSRP $281.00

By Ken Perrotte

There is something special about being in a duck blind during the predawn quiet, anticipating a sky filled with waterfowl. The rapid wingbeats of a small flock buzzing your blind in tight formation generates a uniquely muffled roar that fuels a wingshooter’s passion.

Most waterfowlers have their go-to shotguns, models often selected for various hunting scenarios due to their fit, function and reliability. Taking any new shotgun out to hunt waterfowl for the first time is exciting. After all, you might be shouldering a gun that could become one of your favorites.

I got to try a new, 12-gauge, semiautomatic Weatherby 18i Synthetic (MSRP $1,099) during the recent Virginia waterfowl season, first running some rudimentary patterning tests and then taking the shotgun on a few hunts in marshes, fields, boats and blinds.

This is Weatherby’s first shotgun since the company moved from California to Wyoming and it is a step up from the eminently affordable, Turkish-made Element (MSRP $549 for comparable model) series, one of the first of their guns to use an inertia-driven system. The 18i is made for Weatherby in Italy by Marocchi (, a firearms manufacturer founded in 1922. Examining the overall look and cosmetics of the 18i Synthetic and comparing them to photos of Marocchi’s I-First line of shotguns, it is hard to see much difference, except maybe in some details of the forearm.

The 18i is also built on the well-proven inertia system. Many shooters like the inertia-driven system since it does not build up carbon in the action like gas-operated semiautos. A good, clean gas-operated shotgun should give you reliable service all day long on a waterfowl hunt. In a dirty gun, though, that carbon can cause sluggish cycling or jamming of shells. Routine, regular cleaning is imperative.

Most inertia-driven guns I have fired in field situations performed reliably, except for one 12 gauge on a snowy/sleety morning in a Minnesota layout blind. The likely cause there was a very cold, wet gun coupled with the fact I likely was not shouldering it properly when rising from the blind. An inertia-driven gun needs that recoil to be met by a firmly resisting shoulder for the bolt to reliably cycle.   

Weatherby’s 18i is decently balanced, with slightly more than half the total 7 pounds of weight desirably forward in the 28-inch, chrome-lined barrel with ventilated top rib. The barrel accommodates the Benelli Crio Plus Choke system. The shotgun comes with five choke tubes and a true choke tube wrench. The single-piece receiver is machined from billet aluminum. The synthetic stock has a soft-touch area on the cheek rest. The palm and foregrip are textured.

The Weatherby 18i Synthetic comes with a 4+1 capacity or 2+1 with the included magazine-limiting plug.

I like the 18i safety position right behind the trigger, the ideal location for quick response in rapid-action waterfowl scenarios. I also liked the thin forearm and comfortable pistol grip. The slightly over-sized trigger guard made it easy to slip in a gloved index finger. The shotgun has a high-luminosity LPA fiber front sight.

Now, I am hard on duck guns -- most waterfowlers are. Muddy marshes, boats, blinds with wire, wood and natural camouflage all take their toll on a shotgun. Keeping a gun free from debris is one thing; keeping it from knocking into things as it is quickly grabbed for a shot or transitioned from blind to boat to case is another.

The last hunt of the season, a special late season opportunity for youth and military veterans saw the Weatherby 18i in a beautiful tidal duck marsh just off the historic Pamunkey River. It was a second hunt with Monquin Creek Outfitters (, one of the top waterfowl guiding operations in Virginia. The first was a cold, bluebirdy day in a blind that was easily accessed on foot. This final hunt featured a creek ride in a crowded jon boat to a small blind framed with fence wire and brushed up with cedar and pine.      

Somewhere on that final hunt, I busted the fiber optic sight out of the Weatherby 18i’s mount. In full disclosure, I recall doing this with each of the last three waterfowl guns I have tortured on multiple hunts.

I love the visibility of the newer fiber optic sights, but they can be delicate and easily break or dislodge from their mounts -- at least for me, apparently a ruffian when it comes to duck guns.

The good news is anyone who has slung a lot of steel at ducks usually does not need a bead or any front optic. I am fairly sure the goose that fell to this gun that morning dropped sometime after the orange piece of fiber optic vanished on the floor of the blind. A solid, old-school, single bead at the end of the barrel still works for me in a duck gun.

The 18i’s length of pull is 14 1/3 inches, well manageable for most large-frame shooters. Length of pull and how cleanly a shotgun transitions to the shoulder is essential for wing shooting, especially in cold weather when shooters are wearing bulky clothing or parkas. Stocks and recoil pads can hang up in clothing as the gun transitions to a shoulder. I encountered no such difficulty, including a hunt during a late January snowstorm that had me in full, cold-weather parka mode.

The 18i Synthetic’s line brethren, the 18i Deluxe (MSRP $1,899) and the camouflaged 18i Waterfowler (MSRP $1,199) use the same choke system. The stylish Deluxe model is available only with 3-inch chambering.

I will say this about patterning the 18i Synthetic. It was a joy to shoot with 3-inch loads, with largely imperceptible recoil differences – to me, anyway – when compared with comparable loads shot from gas-operated shotguns. A few rounds of 3.5-inch steel and tungsten shots, however, had me thinking about how their substantial thumps might affect my “fun-factor” across a full morning of shooting. Some people might tolerate heavy magnum loads with ease, but my shoulder and cheek felt a big difference compared to the 3-inchers.

I tested patterns at 27 yards and 35 yards, using both modified and improved cylinder chokes and shooting at plain flip-chart paper 27 inches by 34 inches in size. The modified choke clearly delivered the best patterns at either distance.

Ammunition was hard to find so I dipped into my eclectic, personal stash of waterfowl loads collected over the years. Since I was unsure how much duck hunting I’d get to do and how many birds I might encounter if I was able to get out a few times, pattern testing was rudimentary, basically trying to see what I might shoot at birds ranging from wood ducks to geese.

Without doubt, Federal Black Cloud loads in #4 or Kent Fasteels in #3 were my best wood duck, teal and other small waterfowl options.

Sadly, there were not enough shooting opportunities at actual birds to determine whether the Weatherby 18i earned “new favorite” status, but there was plenty of evidence to indicate that this well-priced semiautomatic shotgun merits another chance. It performed admirably and is welcome to join me in a duck blind, field or boat any time.   

For more information, please visit And for the entertaining “Cooking with Colton” wild game cooking videos produced in partnership with The Hunting Wire, see Ken Perrotte’s weblog at

By Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton

Luke Clayton and Larry Weishuhn

Radio File: Hunting Wire Radio - Episode 19

Hunter Recruitment Series

The Hunting Wire has partnered with Kimber, GPO Optics, and HSM Ammunition to embark upon a new series dedicated to telling the story of new hunters all across the United States. Paired with seasoned hunting mentors, novice hunters will go afield with “Bob”, an old-school .257 Roberts, chambered in a modern Kimber 84M Hunter bolt-action rifle in hopes of hunting success.

By Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice takes “Bob” out with a new hunter to see if they can take down a feral hog.

A collection of bowhunting training videos and written content on how to help you become a better bowhunter.

By Easton Bowhunting

Video: How Are Arrows Made?

Easton's roots go back to 1922 as a family company making handcrafted archery equipment. Today Easton focuses on making the finest products with facilities in Utah Iowa and Indiana. Easton has become world-renowned for premier tubing products in fields such as archery, mountaineering, military, and healthcare. While others have moved production overseas Easton's continuing efforts to drive innovation and automation have allowed the company to stay competitive and keep production in the United States. Easton Salt Lake City headquarters date back to the early 1980s when the company first expanded beyond its California roots. Today most Easton products start right here in these hundred thousand square foot facility materials from across the country are brought together here carbon fiber from California and pre-preg carbon from Washington state. Aluminum from Iowa fundamental building blocks of Easton's products over the course of building every eastern precision tube dozens of individual operators and quality assurance experts perform checks to ensure that all products measure up to Easton's stringent standards of safety and quality. Easton aluminum tubing is used in archery arrows including FMJ ac and as the framework for tent structures in military and mountaineering. Aluminum tubing starts with flat strips of special alloys custom equipment rolls and fuses the stock creating a uniform tube. From here the tubes are annealed with heat to remove internal stresses and prepare it for further processing larger tubes are repeatedly drawn to smaller and thinner wall sizes getting more refined and stronger until they reach their final specified size shafts go to a multi-station automatic anodized facility to receive an exterior color or decoration. With a permanent finish from anodize every Easton shaft goes through multiple straightening processes to ensure precision and accuracy for arrows a uni bushing is mounted inside the shaft to allow the installation of a polymer nock used by archers to attach the arrow to the bowstring. Easton is proud to share the passion for archery with the finest arrows for archers everywhere....

E-Commerce Data Specialist

Posted February 15, 2021

Browning located in scenic Mountain Green, Utah is searching for an E-Commerce Data Specialist.  This position is responsible for delivering an outstanding online shopping experience by keeping product information updated across platforms. They will interact with product teams, marketing and advertising groups to help keep product data, content and imagery current on the website.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Manage Shopify data and execute maintenance and functionality 
  • Maintain filtered search pages and internal data monitoring (HUB)
  • Technical support for graphic designers and product page functionality 
  • Website testing and production deployment review
  • Monitor dealer data
  • Assist in technical approval of content
  • Archiving product pages at the appropriate time.
  • Publishing and testing new pages across devices and platforms. 
  • Monitor e-commerce trends and make suggestions to fellow teams and groups.
  • Create product promotional readiness for seasonal and promotion events.
  • Assist with other e-Commerce and website tasks as assigned. Helping as time allows with dealer information, technical page reviews and corrections.

Digital Marketing Manager

Posted February 15, 2021

Browning located in scenic Mountain Green, Utah is searching for a Digital Marketing Manager to develop, implement and manage digital marketing strategies. Provide art and creative direction to advertising team. Oversee general brand guideline management. Create content calendar planning.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Oversee all visual aspects of digital marketing and advertising as well as other media campaigns, coordinating the work of graphic, design, video, photo and copy staff.
  • Management of web home and ancillary page content.
  • Provide yearly content calendar planning. 
  • Direct marketing efforts to best represent a concept visually.
  • Direct the overall look or style of an advertising campaign by determining which photographs, art, copy or other design elements to use.
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography, videography and graphics developed by other staff members.
  • Develop detailed budgets and timelines.
  • Collaborates with members of the marketing and media team.
  • Identify digital advertising outlets.
  • Creates presentations and project plans.     
  • Facilitate digital projects between Product Managers and Advertising. 
  • Supervise E-Comm. Sales and Service Specialist.

Kryptek has teamed up with America’s fastest growing sports supplement company, REDCON1 to offer an exclusive bundle.

The limited edition bundle includes 30 servings of a Kryptek Pontus patterned package of REDCON1's Total War® and a co-branded T-shirt.

REDCON1's Total War® is what every pre-workout wishes it was, packing more fire power per serving than anything in its class. The powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors along with N.O. compounds makes Total War® an all-in-one pre-workout supplement. REDCON1's Total War® is not for the faint of heart, but for the serious athlete or gym goer who expects to perform at the highest level of readiness when called upon.

Kryptek ProStaff member Terry Houin understands to be the best, you have to train with the best. As the new Director of REDCON1 Outdoors, a partnership between his go-to gear and go-to for nutrition and recovery combines the best of two worlds.

Kryptek patterns are designed after camouflage netting first used by the U.S. Military during WWII. Much like the netting proved to be the most effective passive concealment measure on the battlefield, Kryptek Camo earned a top spot amongst hundreds of global competitors during the U.S. Army Camo Improvement Effort.

Kryptek and REDCON1 share many commonalities including offering the highest quality products to a wide and diverse audience, many of whom are current and former military, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts.


About Kryptek Outdoor Group: Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in ultra high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. Constant improvement and feedback is implemented into future designs with the end-goal of providing our products to outdoor adventurers who demand the utmost in quality and overall performance in their gear.

About REDCON1: REDCON1 is the fastest growing sports supplement company in history. A mission-based company founded on a simple principle - create the highest quality supplements for people who trained, for people that need to be at their best. We created formulas and products that redefined the gold standard in sports supplements without considering margins or profits. Above all, we wanted to be proud of the products we made. Founded by supplement industry entrepreneur, Aaron Singerman, REDCON1 literally means the highest state of readiness. We love the inclusiveness of it. Everyone from a Navy Seal to a pro bodybuilder, to a soccer mom that needs and wants to be at the highest state of readiness, not only in the gym but in their everyday lives. Our customers are more like a tight-knit community and 38% is comprised of military, veterans, first responders, police and paramedics.

INMAN, S.C. – February 17, 2021 – TrueTimber has announced Andy Montgomery as the newest addition to the lineup of TrueTimber brand ambassadors. The South Carolina native has built up an impressive career and is one of the most proficient anglers in MLF history in the ‘every scorable bass counts’ format. Montgomery joins the team with a lifetime worth of experience in the outdoors as a pro angler and avid hunter.

“It is really exciting to see Andy join the team and we know he is going to be a great fit for TrueTimber,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “Andy has built a seriously impressive resume over the course of his career and it will be a lot of fun seeing him compete against the best out on the water sporting our TrueTimber gear.”

Andy Montgomery has racked up an impressive career with two tour-level wins and a REDCREST appearance. Leading into the 2021 MLF season, Montgomery has 36 top 10s and 48 top 20s, accumulating over $1.16 million in winnings. Additionally, he has four Bassmaster Classic appearances and over half a million dollars in winnings competing in the series.

The TrueTimber ambassador program sponsors a wide variety of talented and diverse outdoorsmen and women from the hunting and fishing world as well as the NASCAR circuit. To learn more about the entire lineup of TrueTimber brand ambassadors, please visit Brand ambassador content and features can also be found on TrueTimber’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

About TrueTimber

Founded in 2005, TrueTimber is based in Inman, South Carolina and is the most realistic, performance-driven camouflage brand in the industry. TrueTimber offers a wide variety of clothing items and accessories, featuring 27 distinct camo patterns that perfectly blend with their surroundings. The company spends countless hours researching, testing and seeking new technology to produce the most effective and lifelike camouflage patterns possible. TrueTimber products can be found in retailers across the United States and Canada, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing camouflage companies in the world. For more information about TrueTimber, visit

WEST POINT, MS - Crosskix and Mossy Oak are proud to introduce the most technologically advanced E.V.A. shoe ever made. Crosskix's versatile line of shoes is sure to be a favorite for men and women who live the outdoors lifestyle.

Crosskix's new line of shoes provides a versatile superior alternative in foam composite footwear. Made of the highest grade of E.V.A., Crosskix are lightweight, soft, and extremely comfortable for men, women, and children who want to express their passion for the outdoors while kicking it around the camp, hiking, or fishing. Crosskix designs are even durable enough to wear during a rigorous workout.

With sleek lines and strategically placed air/water vents, Crosskix is the new hybrid footwear choice for wherever your adventures take you. The antimicrobial properties keep your feet and shoes smelling frech and looking cool. Unlike its competitirs, Crosskix’ striking, aggressive and sporty designs give you the style, comfort and support that are unparalleled in the market, while at the same time, helping Mossy Oak expand their product representation with our truly versatile line of shoes. This partnership is a win-win for both parties”, says Crosskix Owner Eric Jorgensen.

Crosskix will be available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Break-Up Country, and Elements Agua (Marlin) patterns. The shoes retail for $79.95.

For more information, visit, e-mail, or call 888-898-9297.

Crosskix is a Florida-based footwear company with a primary focus on developing athletically versatile and functional shoes in the E.V.A. (mold injected) category. Launched in May 2013, Crosskix has made an immediate impact with its signature styles (Crosskix 2.0 and A.P.X.), with continued international growth Crosskix is poised to become a significant player in the mold injected shoe market.

To learn more about Mossy Oak, visit, and to enjoy some of the latest outdoor and hunting-related content, download Mossy Oak GO at

Crosskix is an official licensee of Haas Outdoors Inc. Established in 1986, Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoor lifestyle brand specializing in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Capture Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers, GameKeepers Kennels, Mossy Oak Properties, and Mossy Oak G.O. Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quality Deer Management Association, and Mack's Prairie Wings and the official pattern of the N.R.A., B.A.S.S., M.L.F., and Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

Follow Mossy Oak on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Welcome to the new and improved “Premier Firearms & Survival Magazine.” That’s the original motto we developed back when Ballistic premiered in 2015. Our commitment to excellence and refinement is an ongoing process as we strive to bring you the most entertaining, informative and visually appealing content about all things guns, survival and the self-reliant lifestyle.

As you can see from our For Your Eyes Only cover image starring Black Rifle Coffee Company co-founder Mat Best, we’re holding nothing back. It’s Bond ... it’s big ... it’s bold—much like Best’s remarkable story of successes in all manner of entrepreneurial endeavors, including his never-ending quest to help U.S. military veterans. You’ll learn a lot more about this man starting on page 32. Plus, visit for exclusive companion video with Best focusing on pop culture, as well as his time in the military and post-service life.

Subscribers will catch this quickly when hefting this issue—Ballistic is bigger than ever at 164 pages, yet we didn’t hike the price! With the newsstands being what they are today, it’s a smart financial move to subscribe at an even more reasonable price at The page-count growth, as you’ll see, has allowed us to give you an even broader mix of content and visuals, including a bigger dose of editorial related to survival and personal defense.

We also want to welcome our partners at our “Alpha Lifestyle” publication known as Skillset. Our editorial partners in crime will become regular contributors. To start, Jason Swarr’s “Excommunicado” piece (page 40) should flip your trigger if you’re a John Wick or James Bond fan.

Bonder? Yeah, that might be a stretch for a word, but we have an entire section dedicated to the big screen’s all-time greatest spy—Bond, James Bond. Perhaps the best part starts on page 12 where you have a chance to WIN an Outlaw Ordnance custom-engraved and gripped Walther PPK.

We say this issue is “For Your Eyes Only,” but truth be told, we hope you share it with a friend over a few dry martinis. Final note: This issue is served hot, but martinis are best served cold—and stirred, not shaken. Cheers!

Grab a print or digital copy of this issue at

About Athlon Outdoors:

Athlon Outdoors is the premier content source for the shooting lifestyle, personal defense, tactical and survival audiences. You can find them at or on Instagram at @AthlonOutdoors. You can also experience Athlon Outdoors content at any of its websites:


Carrie Roeder, Senior Director, Marketing and Operations

Timothy Hirsh, a member of Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 692, and his mentee received $100 Carhartt gift cards with this winning photo.

Spring Hill, Tenn. In late January, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) wrapped up their 2020 Mentoring Rewarded campaign upon recruiting union members to mentor 1,000 newcomers in hunting, target shooting, or firearms safety.

Through its Hunting Heritage Trust, NSSF awarded the USA a $20,000 grant to implement the recruitment campaign, backed by NSSF’s +ONE Movement messaging, which motivated labor union members to share their knowledge and passion for those activities with someone new.

“As an outdoorsman, I feel it’s our responsibility to mentor a young society in a tough world,” said Gerald Simpson, a member of the USA and International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 147, who has been mentoring youth on their first deer and turkey hunts for more than 20 years. “We need to support this tradition to keep it going in the future. Plus, I get a real feeling of satisfaction from being there for all the excitement, joy, and tears that are part of a first hunt.”

“Getting involved in hunting and the shooting sports can be a challenge for people who have never been before,” said NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi. “Having a mentor makes it much easier, and this successful campaign by the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance showed that when experienced hunters and target shooters are willing to extend an invitation to someone new, it can lead to rewarding and life-changing experiences. We at NSSF were proud to provide this grant to a great organization and a worthy cause.”

Union firefighter Joe Meloche and his mentee received Thorogood boots with this winning photo.

All participating mentors received a Buck knife in recognition of their effort to pass on America’s outdoor heritage. By posting their mentorship photos on the USA’s Facebook page, mentors also had the opportunity to win one of three additional prizes, including a $100 Carhartt gift card, Thorogood boots, and a Buck Open Season Skinner for themselves and their mentees.

Joe Meloche, a union fighter from Clarkston, Michigan, won the Thorogood boots with a selection of photos of hunting, shooting, and meat processing with his daughters Autumn and Annabelle, who he has been mentoring outdoors since they began walking.

“I grew up in the outdoors with my grandfather. For me now, it’s so important to get girls into the outdoors. This is such a male dominated sport, and it’s important for me to teach my daughters that girls can do it too,” Meloche said. “And it’s just one more thing we can do together as a family.”

“While COVID-19 posed a lot of unprecedented challenges last year, it also created more time and opportunities for getting outdoors,” said Jay Stuart, USA director of sales and marketing. “We were honored to join forces once again with NSSF and so proud of all the union members who took someone under their wing to help carry on the longstanding American traditions of hunting and shooting.”


Jeff Wilson, a member of Electrical Workers Local 177, and his mentee received a Buck Open Season Skinner with this winning photo.

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA): The USA is a union-dedicated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose members hunt, fish, shoot and volunteer their skills for conservation. The USA is uniting the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF): NSSF is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 11,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 17, 2021) - In response to a series of court decisions known as "Cottonwood," Safari Club International (SCI) submitted over 1,000 comment letters from our nationwide membership to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in support of their new rule that would combat the effects this harmful litigation has had on active forest management.

The Cottonwood decision, if left unchallenged, poses a serious threat to the advancement of forest management initiatives such as wildfire fuel reduction missions and forest habitat development projects crucial to the survival of big game, game birds, and other forms of wildlife.

Without management, our public lands will become highly susceptible to disastrous wildfires, insects, and infectious diseases. These lawsuits have also significantly undermined federal agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from cooperating with wildlife and sportsmen advocacy groups like Safari Club International (SCI).

SCI agrees with the FWS that the final rule must respect professionals at federal wildlife and land management agencies by not further imposing guidelines that are subject to the Endangered Species Act's consultation requirements.

SCI CEO W. Laird Hamberlin responded to the success of the comment letter and the prospect of the FWS' new rule taking effect, saying "SCI consistently demonstrates that the voice of America's hunting community can be heard through our strategic actions that engage with regulators and lawmakers alike. While we wait and look forward to the FWS formally adopting the new rule, the outdoor community should know that SCI will relentlessly advocate for their interests when decisions are made regarding our public lands and the wildlife that depends on them."

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Nearly 200 Chapters represent all 50 states of the United States as well as 106 countries. SCI's proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Learn more at, or call (520) 620-1220 for more information. International Headquarters Washington, District of Columbia * Tucson, Arizona * Ottawa, Canada

SA Consumer Products is excited to introduce the latest In-Home Secure Storage innovation, the all-new Haven Bio Hub 36 Gun Safe. The engineers at SACP have integrate a best-in-class biometric sensor into the spindles locking hub making this safe the most intuitive and quick entry long gun fire safe on the market. This biometric sensor is not only the most reliable on the market but will accept 100 individual fingerprints. This allowing the owner to grant access to other individuals, such as a spouse, by allowing them to program their fingerprint into the sensor as well. No more codes to remember, just fast, secure and reliable entry.

The Haven 36 BIO Hub Safe is large enough to hold 36 long guns as well as 6 handguns and 1 quick access long gun on the door organizer. The safe in made of 14g steel and measures 59” x 30” x 25” while weighing in at 560 pounds. Security doesn’t stop at the biometric sensor, true 4-way locking comprising of 10 solid steel 1.5” bolts which are driven by a robust solid steel 5 spoke handle. It is also equipped with the proprietary Triple Seal Technology which protects against water smoke and fire making this safe waterproof for up to 2 feet of water for a full 7 days and boasts a 75-minute fire rating at a blistering 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other key features of this “state of the art” biometric safe include a premium interior with fully wrapped and carpeted shelves barrel rests and SACP’s exclusive Zero Sag steel reinforced top shelf which adds to the safe’s flexibility allowing even heavier items to be stored at eye level. This interior shelving adjustable, permitting complete customization to suit the consumer’s needs. The premium door organizers impressive gun storage is paired with an insulated document, three zippered accessory pockets and one elastic sleeve pocket to make organizing your accessories quick and easy. To further guarantee customer satisfaction, the Haven Biometric safe is equipped with 600 Lumen motion activated bult in interior lighting and a UL rated dual socket outlet with two additional USB ports to allow for additional plug-in accessories such as a dehumidifier or to simply charge devises.

The Haven 36 BIO Gun Safe is offered in a luxurious and durable dark grey gloss metallic powder coat finish. It has never been more convenient to keep your firearms and valuables from theft, fire and flood and your family safe from what’s inside.

Venturing further into any wildlife habitat will eventually lead to areas that are seemingly impenetrable. It is here that only the most cunning creatures such as the mountain lion and birds of prey can call home. With a watchful eye looking over your most prized possessions, the Haven Series is fully enhanced with fire protection, water protection, ultimate organization and interior lighting bringing you the utmost in protection and luxury.

About SA Consumer Products:

SA Consumer Products continues to be the industry leader of innovative, feature rich In-Home Secure Storage products in the USA and Canada. We pride ourselves on the design, manufacturing and fulfillment of innovative, feature rich products focused on quality and disruptive value. We back these products up with the industries best warranty and US based customer service team. Our products can be found at many leading sporting goods, mass volume, independent and dot-com retailers. Please visit us at www.saproducts.comto learn more about our incredible line of products or to find out how we can create a custom proprietary solution for your business.

The leather holster with multi-fit capability and proprietary Grip Locking System is available in six sizes to fit over 250 firearms

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Bianchi®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today the launch of the Bianchi 126GLS Assent™ concealment holster. This is the first Bianchi leather holster to incorporate Safariland’s advanced GLS (Grip Locking System) retention, offering multi-fit capability. The 126GLS comes in six sizes to fit over 250 firearms.

The Model 126GLS Assent holster is an open-top design that combines leather with a laminate synthetic liner for durability, comfort, and additional functionality. The GLS retention automatically secures the gun when holstered and releases it upon application of the middle finger with a standard shooting grip for an intuitive and safe release.

“This holster is truly a differentiated product,” said James Dawson, category director for Safariland’s Duty Gear business unit. “With its beautiful leather design, superior retention, and custom fit for such a large range of guns, this holster is very unique, especially in the leather market.”

The low-profile 126GLS Assent holster offers a high-ride hip carry with belt slots that pull the holster and pistol grip close to the body. Dual belt slots fit up to 1.5” (38mm) belts for a snug fit.

The Assent model is available now. It is user customizable to fit over 250 handgun models in six sizes. The border stitched holster is available in tan or black with a plain finish for an MSRP of $78.00. For more information, visit

About Bianchi

Bianchi® has been a leading producer of holsters and accessories for the concealment, sporting, law enforcement and military markets worldwide for 60 years. From premier leather products to the ruggedly durable AccuMold® line, Bianchi products are known for their time-proven designs, quality and longevity. Bianchi is a part of The Safariland Group family of brands. For more information, visit

About The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland® Armor, Duty Gear and Communications, Bianchi®, Break Free®, Hatch®, Med-Eng®, Identicator® and NIK®. The Safariland Group's mission, “Together, We Save Lives®”, is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.

For more information about The Safariland Group and these products, please visit

For media resources and information, please visit the

Dorsey Pictures announces that Safari Club International will continue as a sponsor of the hit outdoor series Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey through the 2021 broadcast season. The sponsorship pairs the world’s most watched outdoor TV series with the leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey brings one of America’s greatest adventure magazines to the television space and showcases the planet’s most unforgettable hunting and fishing destinations. The series reached over 7 million viewers in its second season on Outdoor Channel and airs in syndication on 113 broadcast stations as well as several streaming and OTT platforms, giving it the largest footprint of any hunting-fishing television series in the world.

"For many of us, Safari Club International brings together the greatest hunter's convention in the world and celebrates the lifestyle like no other group," says executive producer and host Chris Dorsey. "But it's SCI's serious work in the public policy and advocacy arena that really stands out and endures. As hunters, they have our backs and, as such, we owe them our support. They're a perfect fit for Sporting Classics TV as our viewers and readers are aligned perfectly with SCI's mission."

Host Chris Dorsey has been called the 'brand-father' of outdoor television having helped create and launch 56 series in the outdoor genre and an equal number of series in mainstream television, including for such networks as ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, HGTV, Travel, DIY, ESPN, WGN America, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Destination America, Oxygen, and all the outdoor networks. Dorsey formerly served as editor in chief of Sports Afield and Ducks Unlimited magazines, is the author of 12 books, and is a regular contributor to Forbes. His work also has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Newsweek, and The Robb Report. He's among the world's most widely traveled hunters having taken the 29 big game species of North America, the deadly seven species of Africa, the spiral horns of Africa and the wild turkey world slam. He's also served in board and advisory positions of numerous conservation and sporting advocacy organizations.

Follow us on Instagram @SportingClassicsTV @official_sci

FLORA, Miss. – February 17, 2021 – Primos® Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, has been awarded three Readers’ Choice 2021 Gold Awards by Bowhunting World® magazine. Readers of Bowhunting World recognized Primos as the fan favorite in the Deer, Elk, and Turkey Call categories, marking the 18th consecutive win by Primos across all three divisions.

“To say Primos has owned these call categories would be a huge understatement,” said Derrick Nawrocki, president of Grand View Outdoors, the publisher of Bowhunting World. “They have won consecutive Gold Awards in these three call categories for 18 years and running. To make this achievement more impressive, the awards received more ballots now than ever before, meaning the Primos brand is only getting stronger.”

One of the leading bowhunting publications around, Bowhunting World has been the destination for serious bowhunters for more than 70 years. Its readers are extremely passionate about gear, and these annual awards allow them to voice what brands they think are the best of the best.

Voting for this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards was conducted via an online submission system. Thousands of ballots were submitted by readers for various product categories and brands. The votes were then tallied to determine the 2021 Readers’ Choice winners. These awards are used by countless sportsmen and women to get an inside look into the best brands to consider when gearing up for upcoming hunting seasons.

Primos offers a full lineup of game calls trusted by hunters season after season. Especially popular this year is the Buck Roar II Grunt Deer Call, the Hoochie Mama Elk Call, the Slide Bugle Elk Call and the Rivers Cut Turkey Pot Call.

For more information on Primos game calls, visit

About Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting, a Vista Outdoor brand, manufactures calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl as well as blinds, shooting accessories, game cameras, attractants and supplements, clothes, and other hunting accessories. Primos also produces the ever-popular video series “The TRUTH” and the television show “Primos’ TRUTH About Hunting.” For news and information, visit or follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at Stream the Language on YouTube at

Alachua, FL (February 18, 2021) - The general objective of food plots and mast orchards is to attract deer and other wildlife by improving the land. Within that, responsible land stewards often have more specific objectives. They understand the importance of sustainability and providing year-round nutrition. The more you provide, the more wildlife your land will attract; and the more variety, the longer they'll stay. The result is more and healthier wildlife spending more time on your ground.

Food plots are one way to enhance the landscape, but they require a lot of work and have a limited window of availability. Mast orchards offer a great alternative or supplement that can significantly widen the window of attraction and, once established, continue to do so for the enjoyment of current and future generations of land stewards and the wildlife they sustain.

Providing a variety of both hard and soft mast further expands that window of attractiveness. It's what the folks at Chestnut Hill Outdoors call Dirt Wisdom, and they offer a range of trees and shrubs selected to do just that.

Early summer is the season of growth for both plants and wildlife. Young wildlife is abundant, growing rapidly and in need of nutritious food. Early soft mast producers like plums and mulberries help them meet these needs.

Mid to late summer is an often unrecognized period of nutritional stress. Nutritional demands increase for rapidly-growing young wildlife and the adults that support them, but herbaceous vegetation is maturing and dying. Summer fruits like blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes help wildlife bridge this nutritional gap before the next one arrives.

As the seasons change, so do nutritional requirements for wildlife. It's time to start fattening up for winter. That task becomes easier and can begin sooner with late summer and early fall mast species like persimmons, apples and pears. They help nourish and sustain more wildlife until crucial hard mast species like chestnuts and acorns start dropping.

Hard mast is the most popular among both land stewards and the wildlife they support, and the same dirt wisdom applies here, too. The more variety you plant, the more effective your efforts will be.

Planting different varieties not only expands the availability of nutritious food over a longer period; it also allows you to use more of your land to do so. For example, Shumard oaks grow best in moist, well-drained soils. In contrast, Nuttall oaks are much more tolerant of poorly drained soils, even areas that experience intermittent flooding during the dormant season. They also drop their acorns later in the fall than many other oak species, sometimes as late as December and even January. Swamp white oaks also like to put down roots in moist soil and drop their acorns earlier in the fall. The swamp chestnut oak thrives in slightly drier soils, making them a good option for the edge between drier arable ground and bottomland that's too wet to till and plant. Sawtooth oaks are a favorite among mast orchardists as they mature quickly and produce prolific crops as early as September.

Last but by no means least is the Dunstan Chestnut. This variety, developed by Chestnut Hill Outdoors, provides a nutritionally superior and abundant crop of large nuts that contain 4 times the carbohydrates, 2.5 times the protein and only a fraction of the fat of a white oak acorn. Because they lack tannins, chestnuts are also sweeter, and therefore more attractive to wildlife.

Planting mast orchards are a great way to improve the landscape now and well into the future. Applying dirt wisdom by offering a variety of both soft and hard mast increases available wildlife nutrition over a much longer period so your land will support more and healthier animals.

Chestnut Hill is the best place for you to purchase your food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different levels of growth.

For more information, please visit


ANOKA, Minnesota – February 18, 2021 – On this episode of the “It’s Federal Season” podcast, Federal Ammunition’s President Jason Vanderbrink discusses the topic of so-called ammunition shortages. The episode is focused on answering the frequently asked questions from consumers about the unprecedented demand for ammunition and what Federal and its sister brands are doing to meet consumer needs.

Episode #18 “Ammunition Shortages”

“I’ve addressed this topic in a series of videos, but I understand that enthusiasts consume media on different platforms,” said Vanderbrink. “This is a discussion that I hope podcast users find informative regarding the current ammunition situation.” Vanderbrink also discusses the pressures on components, including primers, in this short but insightful podcast.

For this episode, besides listening on your favorite podcast platform, you can also subscribe to Federal Ammunition’s YouTube channel and tune in for the discussion:

Federal Ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit

COLUMBUS, Georgia, Feb. 18, 2021 -- ? The new Benelli 20-Gauge Super Black Eagle 3 in Realtree MAX-5 Camo offers all-weather performance and reliability in a true 20-gauge platform. Chambered to accept up to 3-inch shells, this shotgun is light and effective, weighing in at just 5.8 pounds.

SBE3 Technologies and Features

Combtech & Comfort Tech 3

Comfort Tech™ splits the stock diagonally and utilizes shock-absorbing chevrons, essentially turning the entire stock into a recoil pad. Now 13 years old, this chevron system is still the most efficient design possible, and was the basis for the SBE3 stock. The chevron size and location has been optimized on Comfort Tech 3. In addition, the new Combtech greatly reduces facial impact and vibrations.

Inertia-Driven System

Benelli’s clean-burning Inertia Driven System never requires adjusting, cycles consistently in conditions that border on the unfair and easily handles everything from light field loads to 3½-inch magnums. Gas symptoms simply can’t compete from a cleanliness and speed perspective.

Oversized Bolt Handle & Safety

The SBE3 is quicker and easier to operate thanks to a larger bolt release and safety, along with an outward-angled drop lever.

Benelli’s Crio System Technology

A cryogenically treated Benelli barrel relieves all the stress caused by hammer forging and the bore surface becomes more even-grained, resulting in a slicker surface with less resistance to wads and shot charges. A smoother, more uniform surfaces mean Benelli Crio® barrels deliver superior patterns and stay clean longer.

Easy Locking Bolt System

The SBE3’s patented locking mechanism is designed to work flawlessly with all shotgun loads—from light clay loads to the ultimate goose-busters.

Easy Loading System

The new SBE3 boasts effortless loading thanks to a beveled loading port, redesigned carrier and a new two-piece carrier latch.

During loading, only the front section of the Easy Loading System’s two-piece carrier latch actually moves so shells slide up easily with minimal tension or possibility of jamming.

Grooves in the loading port guide shells in so you don’t have to take your eyes off incoming birds. The new, beveled loading port also features a wider design to help funnel shells toward the magazine, which is a huge help for gloved hunters.

About Realtree:

Realtree is the world's leading camouflage designer, marketer, and licensor with over 1,000 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places, and the wildlife that resides there. Find Realtree on Realtree365, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at

WEST POINT, MS - Garland Carpet & Rug is excited to announce the partnership with Mossy Oak on a new collection of area rugs. Garland has been manufacturing a broad range of rugs including area rugs, scatter rugs, outdoor rugs and bath rugs since 1975.

The Mossy Oak collection of rugs will be offered in Mossy Oak Original BottomlandÆ, Break-Up PinkÆ and Elements AguaÆ. Sizes will range from 4’x6’ to 6’x9’ with suggested retail price being $59.99 to $129.99. The rugs will be available on most e-commerce retailers including,, and These durable, plush indoor area rugs are made from 100% nylon yarn.

“At Garland, we are thrilled to partner with Mossy Oak, the number one camo brand in the industry. Their outdoor tradition runs deep. We are excited to bring a piece of it indoors with these area rugs,” said Steve Snyder, Vice President.

For more information about Garland Carpet & Rug, visit

To learn more about Mossy Oak, visit, and to enjoy some of the latest outdoor and hunting-related content, download Mossy Oak GO at

Garland Carpet & Rug is an official licensee of Haas Outdoors Inc. Established in 1986, Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoor lifestyle brand specializing in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Capture Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers, GameKeepers Kennels, Mossy Oak Properties, and Mossy Oak G.O. Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quality Deer Management Association, and Mack's Prairie Wings and the official pattern of the N.R.A., B.A.S.S., M.L.F., and Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

Follow Mossy Oak on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Holly Springs, MS (Feb. 22, 2021) ? Few things are as thrilling as the thundering gobble of a wild turkey on a crisp spring morning, and few regions can rival Mississippi for booming long-bearded gobblers. And in the northern portion of the Magnolia state, few places rival the undisturbed turkey habitat found at Cuffawa Creek Outfitters.

Located outside historic Holly Springs, Mississippi -- just 45 minutes from the Memphis International airport -- Cuffawa Creek Outfitters is a 4,000-acre family-owned farm that has been in continuous operation since the early 1900’s. For the past 30 years it has been intensely managed for whitetail deer and turkey hunting, boasting a combination of lush green fields, rolling hills, and deep stands of hardwoods – ideal turkey habitat. The local turkey population has exploded over the last decade, and by the March 15 opener hunting conditions are prime.

If you want to get on a March or early April gobbler, this is your place. A wide variety of options and hunting styles are offered, with one goal in mind – get you on a big, mature gobbler.

Hunters stay at the historic Court Square Inn ( Court Square Inn is ideally located on the Courthouse Square in the National Historic District in Holly Springs, Miss. The building was renovated in 2007 and has three luxury suites available on the second floor. Each suite is an apartment that has a private sitting room, kitchen, full bathroom and laundry. A self-serve continental style breakfast is provided consisting of juice, coffee, milk, cereal, fresh fruit and homemade pastries.

Cuffawa Creek staff will pick you up and drop you off following each hunt. A 3- or 7-day Mississippi hunting license costs $125, and each turkey permit an additional $20. The spring turkey season runs March 15-May 1. A 3-day guided hunt at Cuffawa Creek Outfitters runs $600 a day, including lodging but excluding meals.

Why not come make memories with us this spring? For more information, Click Here or visit

NEW HAVEN, Mo. – ALPS OutdoorZ, the leading manufacturer of extreme-duty packs and gear for hunters, continues to push the envelope on innovation with the introduction of the new Impulse hunting pack.

ALPS OutdoorZ engineers developed the Impulse with an eye toward whitetail hunters who demand maximum quiet and ease-of-access in an all-day pack. To enhance stealth performance, the Impulse comes wrapped in DEADQUIET fleece designed to help deaden sound upon contact with brush or clothing, making it ideal for still hunting. Furthermore, the DEADQUIET fleece is enhanced with a waterproof membrane to protect contents from moisture and to prevent “waterlogging” in snowy or rainy conditions.

Another nod to maximizing silence is the Impulse’s zipperless main compartment lid. The fold-open lid utilizes a series of strong magnets and an aluminum hook to keep the lid closed and contents secure during transport yet allows for quick, silent opening by foregoing traditionally noisy zippers.

Another innovative design feature is the pack’s overall structure, which was engineered to allow the pack to stand upright on the ground or on a tree stand platform. This construction permits the hunter easy access to gear while reducing the pack’s footprint in a blind or on a tree stand.

As a full-feature pack, the Impulse also comes with a two-piece adjustable and detachable waist belt. Other features of the Impulse include:

  • Multiple interior mesh pockets
  • Left- and right-side bungee and cord locks to secure a quiver
  • Two side and one front mesh pocket
  • Drop-down bow or gun carry pocket
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Hydration pocket with two side-outlet hydration ports

The Impulse boasts Realtree EDGE® camo and weighs 5 lbs., 4 oz. Total volume is 30L/1850 in3.

For more information about the Impulse and other innovative hunting solutions from ALPS OutdoorZ, visit

About ALPS Brands:

Beginning in 1993 with the establishment of ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS Brands is a continuously growing and expanding group of companies dedicated to developing and manufacturing high quality, performance-driven outdoor products. Currently making up the ALPS Brands family of companies are ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, Cedar Ridge, Browning Camping and Hunting Blinds. ALPS OutdoorZ—the hunting gear moniker for ALPS Brands—made its mark several years ago by offering packs purposefully designed for remote wilderness hunting. Today, ALPS OutdoorZ products cover everything from day and expedition packs to waterfowl blinds and turkey hunting vests, as well as furniture, gun cases and sleeping bags. ALPS OutdoorZ items are sold and distributed in the best camping, backpacking and outdoor dealers throughout the entire US and Canada. For more information, please visit www.

Accokeek, MD (February 23, 2021) - Beretta USA is excited to announce its collaboration with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) as the official Title Sponsor of the 2021 USPSA LOCAP Nationals match.

The USPSA is the national governing body of practical shooting in the United States under the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). With over 31,000 active members and over 440 affiliated clubs, the USPSA is the largest practical shooting organization in the United States and the second-largest region within the IPSC after the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting.

“Beretta is well known globally for offering several lauded, military-grade pistols. Over the years, many passionate shooters have customized their Beretta pistols to take part in shooting competitions. With the introduction of the 92X Performance in 2019, Beretta sought to create its first product line fully dedicated to practical shooters. Now, the 92X Performance delivers an unmatchable performance right out-of-the-box to the excitement of the entire shooters' community worldwide. Excellence does not accept compromises, and it requires collaboration with best-in-class partners. Thusly, we are glad to announce our partnership with USPSA as the Title sponsor of the 2021 USPSA LOCAP Nationals. USPSA represents one of the most important and competitive practical shooting arenas in the world, and Beretta is excited to establish a strong brand presence with its members and looks forward to expanding the Performance line to other divisions,” Nicola Lorenzi, Business Development Manager - Pistols, said.

The USPSA LOCAP Nationals boasts 18 rigorous stages that put Level II and III competitors who shoot with production, single stack, and L10 pistols or revolvers through a variety of practical shooting scenarios over three days of competition.

"USPSA is excited to have Beretta as the Title Sponsor of the 2021 USPSA LOCAP National Championship. Beretta has a long history of involvement in competitive shooting sports, and we are pleased to have them involved with practical shooting here in the United States. Beretta's support of this prestigious event, timed with their release of new firearms geared toward competition, is indicative of their commitment to a wider variety of shooting sports. USPSA is proud to partner with Beretta for the 2021 season," Jake Martens, Director of Media and Events for USPSA, said.

USA ?Contact: ?Christina Morgal 301-283-2191 ext. 1278

The 2021 USPSA LOCAP Nationals will take place from May 7-9, 2021 at CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL.

As a part of our sponsorship announcement, we are excited to announce the Beretta + USPSA Sponsorship Giveaway, which will run from today until March 2, 2021. We will be giving away six tactical packs comprised of a ?tactical range bag?, ?magazine pouch?, ?Clash eyeglasses?, ?pistol case?, ?ear protection?, and ?hat?. Participants will be able to take part in this tactical sweepstakes by registering via the ?official giveaway webpage?. The six winners will be announced on or about March 2nd.

Beretta, established in 1526, is the oldest industrial dynasty in the world, tracing its roots through 15 generations of continuous family ownership. Firearms bearing the Beretta name have been sold for almost 500 years. Beretta USA Corp. was founded in 1977 and provided the most widely deployed sidearm throughout the U.S. Armed Forces. Today, Beretta manufactures, distributes, and markets a complete line of firearms, accessories, and apparel. Beretta also owns and operates six retail Beretta Gallery stores worldwide. For additional information, visit ?

Mouth Call and Shooting Stick Categories Win Readers’ Choice Awards

FLORA, Miss. – February 22, 2021 – Primos® Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, has been awarded two Readers’ Choice 2021 Gold Awards by the readers of Predator Xtreme® magazine. These awards recognized Primos as the leading brand in the Mouth Call and Shooting Stick categories.

“Our Predator Xtreme readership is flat out one of the most passionate audiences you can find anywhere,” said Derrick Nawrocki, president of Grand View Outdoors, the publisher of Predator Xtreme. “Congrats to Primos for taking the Mouth Call category two years in a row and earning their first Shooting Sticks Gold Award. Coming from this audience, it’s a significant stamp of approval.”

One of the leading predator hunting publications today, Predator Xtreme has been the destination for serious predator hunters for over 25 years. Its readers are extremely knowledgeable, and these annual awards allow them to voice what brands they think are at the front of the pack.

Voting for this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards was conducted via an online submission system. Thousands of ballots were submitted by readers for various product categories and brands. The votes were then tallied to determine the 2021 Readers’ Choice winners. These awards are used by countless sportsmen and women to get an inside look into the best brands to consider when gearing up for upcoming hunting seasons.

Primos Hunting offers a full lineup of game calls and shooting sticks, including plenty of predator call options. With multiple configurations available, including a model specifically for crossbows, Primos Trigger Sticks have likewise taken the shooting stick market by storm.

About Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting, a Vista Outdoor brand, manufactures calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl as well as blinds, shooting accessories, game cameras, attractants and supplements, clothes, and other hunting accessories. Primos also produces the ever-popular video series “The TRUTH” and the television show “Primos’ TRUTH About Hunting.” For news and information, visit or follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at Stream the Language on YouTube at

Salt Lake City, Utah — Easton has announced a new shaft in their traditional line of arrows—the Carbon Legacy. Legacy comes fletched with three 4” left wing helical feathers including a traditional barred index feather with combinations of solid red, white, and bright yellow hen feathers. The Carbon Legacy is accurate, durable, and has exceptional flight visibility. Legacy is available in five popular hunting sizes (340, 400, 500, 600, and 700). Includes RPS inserts and pre-installed 6.5mm 3D Super Nocks.

When Doug Easton first began his archery company in 1922, he started by making handcrafted wood arrows and longbows one at a time in his small workshop. Each arrow featured Doug’s own signature cresting applied to the finest hand-selected cedar shafting. Today’s traditional Legacy is a nod to Doug’s meticulous commitment to crafting the finest traditional equipment available in that era. The Legacy combines the traditional look of wood-grained carbon with high-visibility white-dipped and hand-feather-fletched craftsmanship to offer the finest vintage aesthetic. “We really wanted to make the Carbon Legacy something special,” stated Gary Cornum, Easton Marketing Director. “We went back into our archives and found some of Doug’s 1920’s arrows and borrowed ideas from his original wood shafts to inspire the look we were going for.”


  • .244” ID standard-diameter carbon-fiber construction
  • Pre-installed 3D white Super Nocks
  • RPS inserts included
  • 4” Left wing helical feather fletch
  • Spine sizes: 340, 400, 500, 600, and 700
  • Straightness ±.006”
  • MSRP: $69.99/ 6-pack feather fletched

For more information on Easton Carbon Legacy arrows, see your local archery pro shop or visit


Milner, GA (February 23, 2021) Ranew's Outdoor Equipment offers a full line of implements for all your food plot needs. The Firminator G3 is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. It allows you to do all the necessary work of planting a food plot from start to finish with one implement.

A wide range of angle and pitch adjustments allows the Firminator's heavy, 18-inch, notched 9-gauge steel disks to work the soil in a variety of situations. From the first cut into heavy sod, to lightly opening thatch and soil for over-seeding without disturbing existing forages, the Firminator is your best option.

The Accu-Seed System handles seeds of all sizes, from the tiniest clovers up to beans, peas and sunflowers. The system is ground-driven so seed is metered out relative to your speed. The seed will stop falling when the Firminator stops rolling to eliminate seed waste. An optional seed hopper agitator is also available for keeping seed blends thoroughly mixed and preventing small seeds from sifting through too quickly.

Disk blades can be adjusted up and out of the way, allowing the cultipacker to roll on the soil with additional frame weight being transferred to enhance the seed-to-soil contact that is critical for good germination rates.

For those who use a larger implement for ground tillage, but still want the precision of the Accu-seed system combined with a cast iron cultipacker, there's the 4', 5', 6' or 8' Firmiseeder. This is also upgradeable to a Firminator with the purchase of the harrow parts.

The 16-inch Cultipacker Upgrade is designed for working on sandy or fine silty soils where the larger cultipacker wheels can make a big difference.

There's also a Heavy Duty Stand-Alone Cultipacker offered in a standard model with 9-inch heavy duty cast iron cultipacker wheels. As well as a professional model with upgraded 16-inch cast iron cultipacker wheels, both built with the same heavy 3-inch square tubing as Firminator frames.

There's even an ATV Model Firminator and Firmiseeder for smaller scale operations or folks looking to get back into less accessible areas with a single, do-it-all implement.

The Firminator G3 food plot implement allows one hook up with one piece of equipment to do all your food plot tillage and planting chores, whether you do them one at a time or all at once.

To find out more about the whole line of Firminator products and accessories, check out their web page at

Grandbury, TX (February 23, 2021) - Bond Arms is known for its outstanding fit and finish on every gun they build. To create a more affordable option for budget-conscious customers without compromising features, Bond Arms trimmed down its finishing process. The Rough Series was born and included the Roughneck, Rowdy, and the newest addition, the Grizzly double-barrel guns. The result is a handgun with the same outstanding qualities inherent in every Bond Arms' gun without all the frills.

Each Rough Series gun undergoes a quick clean-up and deburring to knock off the sharp edges. After the initial treatment, guns are bead blasted, giving them a rough finish. The parting lines in the metal frame and trigger guard add to the cool factor. Swirly tool marks on the barrels and tiny casting imperfections and rough areas add a unique individual character to these handguns. Built-in a fraction of the time compared to standard production models, the reduced labor cost of the Rough Series guns translates into huge savings for the customer.

The Rough Series Handguns

Bond Rough Series handguns include premium features found in all their double-barrelled guns, like stainless-steel barrels and frames, cross-bolt safety, retracting firing pins, spring-loaded cam-lock lever and rebounding hammer. Rough Series guns use the same grade of stainless steel as all production models.

The Roughneck is a new type of Bond Arms' gun. It's built with a 2.5 in. barrel, chambered for 9mm, 357/38 or 45ACP, and features a blade front sight and fixed rear sight. The compact handgun uses a textured rubber grip. The Roughneck works best with smooth-lined holsters. $269

At 5 inches long, the Rough N' Rowdy is the 'big brother' in the line, chambered for the powerful .45 Long Colt, and 2½-inch .410 bore shotshells. A blade front sight and fixed rear sight mount directly on its 3-inch barrels. A smooth-lined holster works best. $299

The Grizzly features several upgrades from its Rowdy cousin. Vibrant rosewood grips engraved with grizzly bear artwork, the Bond Arms name and a checkered panel, add texture and character. The pistol includes a matching leather holster embossed with a grizzly bear. Its 3-inch barrels are chambered in .45 Long Colt, and 2½-inch .410 bore shotshells. $377

The Bond Arms Rough Series are compact and rugged handguns built with the same quality parts and materials as the other Bond Arms production models. The rough finish gives each pistol its unique charm.

Roughneck™ Features:

  • 9mm, single action
  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Black rubber grips
  • Fixed sights
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Removable trigger guard
  • Interchangeable barrel
  • 22 ounces
  • Barrel length: 2.5 inches
  • Overall length: 4.5 inches
  • MSRP: $269

Rough N Rowdy™ Features:

  • .45 Colt/.410 (2½-in. shells only), single action
  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Black rubber grips
  • Fixed sights
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Removable trigger guard
  • Interchangeable barrel
  • Barrel length: 3 inches
  • Overall length: 5 inches
  • MSRP: $299

Grizzly Features:

  • .45LC / .410 bore
  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
  • Barrel length: 3 inches
  • Overall length: 5 inches
  • Includes leather holster
  • MSRP $377

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms Derringer - the finest in double barrel protection. Originally organized under the name Texas Armory, the company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 with the idea that the Remington Model 95 over-under, single-action derringer could be converted from an Old West anachronism into a modern & reliable handgun. The barrel and frame were redesigned to safely fire modern calibers & the entire handgun is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This makes for a pistol that's both strong and durable.

For more information, please visit WWW.BONDARMS.COM. GET CONNECTED

Bentonville, AZ (February 23, 2021) - The Blitz is a select-fire semi-/full-auto, Pre-Charged Pneumatic, .30 caliber air rifle that produces upwards of 50 ft-lbs of energy. Users can easily switch between either firing mode with just the flick of a switch. The gas-operated cycling mechanism does not rely on battery power and is capable of firing at a high rate of speed. This new rifle features a large 580cc carbon fiber air tank that can provide over 100 shots of semi- or full-auto excitement. Two 16-round spring rotary magazines are included with the rifle, and the loading key has its own unique storage space on the stock.

The tactical all-weather synthetic stock not only looks great but boasts excellent ergonomic features, as well. The integrated pistol grip has rubberized panels to help facilitate a secure grip in any environment. An elevation adjustable cheek rest ensures proper sight alignment, and the buttpad is both elevation and angle adjustable so it can be customized to fit just right.

Equipped from the factory is a 1-piece carry handle with adjustable open sights that can be removed to make way for lighted and/or magnified optics of choice. Hatsan's standard combination optics rail is integrated into the top of the receiver, allowing for the use of either 11mm dovetail or 22mm Weaver mounts. Three Picatinny accessory rails surround the air cylinder for ultimate flexibility in accessory mounting options. The Blitz also features a built-in manometer that is color-coded for easy reference.

Blitz Features:

  • Select fire, semi-/full-auto, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle
  • Currently available in .30 caliber
  • Detachable spring rotary magazine holds 16 pellets
  • 2 Magazines included
  • Gas-operated cycling mechanism does not rely on batteries
  • 580cc carbon fiber air tank fills to 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
  • Tactical all-weather synthetic stock with integrated pistol grip
  • Rubber pistol grip panels for enhanced control and feel
  • Elevation adjustable cheek rest
  • Elevation and angle adjustable rubber butt pad
  • Combination 22mm Weaver and 11mm Dovetail optics rail
  • Included 1-piece carry handle with open sights
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor tank pressure
  • Black anodized aluminum receiver and barrel shroud
  • Manual safety switch
  • Fitted/integrated sling mounts

Blitz Specifications:

  • .30 Caliber
  • Max Velocity: 730 FPS
  • Max Energy: 53 Ft-lbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 16 pellets
  • Air Cylinder Volume: 580cc
  • Fill Pressure: 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
  • Number of Shots: 100
  • Tactical synthetic pistol grip stock with adjustable cheek rest and butt pad
  • Overall Length: 45.2"
  • Barrel Length: 23"
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • MSRP: $999.99

“Some of my fondest memories are the hunting and fishing stories Dad and my uncles shared with us kids back then - generally around the wood stove, and other times in the field,” said Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA. “Unfortunately, it was pure and simple storytelling, so all I have are the memories. Now, as a father and grandfather and having hunted and fished all my life, I am taking the time to write down some of my own stories – for the enjoyment of my children, grandchildren, friends and Customers. These are all real stories that I participated in, nothing is made up; and I write them purely for your enjoyment.”

Read "Oliver's Big 8-Pointer":

To read the rest of Larry's Short Stories, please visit

About MidwayUSA

Both country kids from Missouri, Larry and Brenda Potterfield turned their passion for shooting sports into a career by opening a small gun shop in 1977 that would eventually become MidwayUSA ( They instilled family values like honesty, integrity and respect for others into the business, and strive to maintain this culture with each Employee added to their growing team. For 43 years, MidwayUSA has maintained an unyielding focus on Customer Satisfaction and continues to offer JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING® for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors.

When the opportunity to sponsor more ATA events transpired, Fiocchi Ammunition was all in!

Again, this year, Fiocchi Ammunition has agreed to a title sponsorship of The Grand American and The AIM Grand National Championships. The 122nd Grand American will be held August 4-14, 2021, with The AIM Grand held

July 30-August 3, 2021.

In addition to their title sponsorships, Fiocchi has committed to sponsoring specific events. Shooters will have the chance to compete in the Fiocchi Ammunition Doubles, Event #14 at The Grand American. The Nostalgia Shoot,

a tribute to the past during the Grand, exhibits a friendly competition that continues to grow in participants each year.

As for the AIM Grand National Championships, youth competitors will vie for a trophy in The AIM Singles Championship presented by Fiocchi Ammunition. This year, Fiocchi will also sponsor the highly anticipated, Annie Oakley Challenge. This is one of the most exciting events during the AIM Grand. AIM participants look forward to the camaraderie and rivalry each year.

Enhancing their youth support, Fiocchi Ammunition will be the official sponsor of two additional AIM events held in 2021. The AIM Zone Championship in May and the AIM Online Handicap Championship held in October will both be presented by Fiocchi. It is clear Fiocchi Ammunition understands the importance of youth shooters and the future of shooting sports.

The backing Fiocchi has shown to ATA & AIM shooters is commendable. The ATA greatly appreciates Fiocchi Ammunition’s receptiveness to broaden their sponsorships. This increase in support reinforces the partnership established between ATA and Fiocchi Ammunition. The ATA is confident this is the beginning of a long-standing relationship.

About the ATA - The ATA serves as the faithful protector of trapshooting and its mission is to promote and oversee the sport throughout the world. Established in 1899, the ATA is the oldest and the largest clay target shooting organization in the world. This non-profit organization governs the sport's rules and regulations. In addition, the ATA actively seeks ways to further enhance the sport and increase participation. Annually, ATA members participate in 6,000 plus registered tournaments and shoot at more than 60 million targets. The ATA encompasses an official youth program, as well. AIM, representing Academic, Integrity, and Marksmanship, serves to provide a safe and positive experience with firearms and registered trapshooting for youth members

About Fiocchi - Fiocchi was founded in 1876 in Lecco Italy and has been producing high quality ammunition ever since. In the 1950s, Fiocchi began importing ammunition into the United States and by the 1980s demand had grown and the decision was made to build a manufacturing facility in the US In 1983 a site in Ozark Missouri was chosen, right in the heart of America, and a facility was built on a former dairy farm. Since then we have continued to grow and expand, currently employing nearly 200 hardworking Americans to produce some of the highest quality shotshell and centerfire ammunition available.

ATHENS, GA (February 24, 2021) – MeatEater has launched the ‘Back 40 to Fork’ sweepstakes in conjunction with the donation of the Back 40 property to the National Deer Association (NDA). MeatEater is giving away an unbelievable slate of prizes with a total value over $4,900 from some of the top names in the industry. Each winner can then elect a ‘new hunter’ to receive a special prize pack containing gear picked specifically for beginners. To enter, fans can visit the online entry form. Promotion ends March 4, 2021.

“This is really exciting news, and what a great way to celebrate the handing over of the Back 40 property,” said Nick Pinizzotto, President & CEO of NDA. “We are both thrilled and thankful that MeatEater has chosen to donate this property to the NDA, and this sweepstakes really symbolizes the bright future for both the relationship and the property. The Back 40 project will be an invaluable asset to the Field to Fork program and it is hard to fathom just how large of an impact this will have on our overall mission.”

The NDA, with the help of its local Branch volunteers, will use the property over the coming years to host new hunter mentorship programs and the MeatEater team will continue to be involved, both by participating in mentor events and documenting the Back 40’s next chapter. The property will be used largely to support NDA’s Field to Fork program, the nation’s most comprehensive new hunter recruitment program.

The National Deer Association’s Field to Fork program is a food-focused hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds. Field to Fork invites adults outside of the traditional hunting culture to learn every aspect of hunting and sourcing their own protein. The program teaches ethics, biology, shooting, hunting tactics and more to allow those new hunters the opportunity to continue hunting and expand their knowledge on their own.

Fans can learn more about the transition and see NDA’s Nick Pinizzotto and Hank Forester take part in the official handing over of the Back 40 property in Season 2, Episode 07 of MeatEater’s Back 40 series.

About NDA

Formally launched on November 10, 2020, the National Deer Association is a non-profit deer conservation group that leads efforts to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. Formed by combining the strengths of two long-serving, successful organizations, the National Deer Association has a combined 38 years of action that has changed deer management for the betterment of hunting and protected North America’s most vital and admired game species for future generations. To learn more about NDA, visit NDA can also be found on Facebook at, Instagram at and Twitter at

Lolo, MT—The International Hunter Education Association-USA announced last week that it will be putting together a new Firearms Fundamentals course for state Fish & Wildlife Agencies to conduct.

With support from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), the IHEA-USA is taking the first step toward an official, nationwide course that individual states can use to ensure that their citizens have the training to be safe gun owners. The IHEA-USA Firearms Fundamentals Course is designed to improve the awareness, understanding, and beginner uses and practices of new firearm possession. This online course will be available for executional use by all 50 states and territories through their respective wildlife and natural resource agencies later this year.

“We’ve seen 17 million people purchase a firearm since 2019, many of which are first-time gun owners,” stated Alex Baer, Executive Director of the IHEA-USA. “As the leading governing body for safe hunting, it makes sense that we could and should address safe shooting and firearms ownership. We have the infrastructure to execute this program widely, and we are highly motivated to ensure that all first-time gun owners, like first-time hunters, have easy access to professional training from a trusted source.”

The IHEA-USA has delivered safe hunting messages for the last 50 years through partnerships with state Fish & Wildlife Agencies. As United States experts on hunter safety, they now seek to enhance their services to the industry by adding this timely yet critical course on firearm safety covering storage, transport, and general handling topics. Additionally, this online course will succinctly inform and raise awareness about the importance of how excise taxes from manufacturers’ firearms, archery, and ammunition sales directly contribute to all states’ wildlife conservation and management efforts. These efforts include wildlife research, restoration and management projects, land acquisition and operations and maintenance, opportunities to hunt, hunter education, target shooting programs, and construction and renovations to firearms and archery ranges.

For more information on this release, contact Leaha Thomas or Mike Thomas

About the IHEA-USA: The International Hunter Education Association – USA (IHEA-USA) is the professional hunter education association affiliated with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service hunter education programs. These programs employ 55,000 instructors, many of whom are volunteers, teaching hunting and shooting safety and responsibilities throughout the United States.

CLP-14, a one-ounce needle applicator and CLP-21, a two-ounce spray container.

JACKSONVILLE, FloridaBreak Free®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today that it has released two new sizes of its popular Break Free CLP® (Cleaner, Lubricant & Preservative). Break Free CLP-14 is available in a compact, one-ounce needle container and CLP-21 available in a two-ounce spray container.

“Maintenance is crucial for the operation of firearms,” said Vincent Abrams, Category Manager for Safariland. “Break Free CLP has been tested in the most extreme military conditions. CLP can knock out existing fouling, lubricate the moving parts, and prevent more grime from building up. These two new sizes will make keeping Break Free CLP on-hand much easier and will bring Break Free CLP to more users. Protecting the working surfaces of your firearms has never been easier.”

Break Free CLP (MIL-SPEC 63460F Type-A) is more than just gun oil. Trusted by Agencies and Military around the world, it was the first to pass MIL-SPEC 63460. CLP cleans burnt powder residue and other fouling materials from the gun’s bore, moving parts, and exterior. The formula also reduces friction and protects against corrosion. CLP will not break down under extreme temperatures or pressure and is made from the highest-quality synthetic oils. For an all-in-one solution to service and preserve your firearm, use Break Free CLP.

Break Free CLP-14 is perfect for keeping in even the smallest of range bags. The one-ounce container has a needle applicator that allows for CLP application in those hard-to-reach areas. The MSRP is $5.98.

Break Free CLP-21 comes in a spray bottle. The two-ounce container is ideal for quick-fix moments on the range or after a round of clays for Over/Under Shotguns. MSRP is $6.98.

About Break Free®

Break Free® is a leading manufacturer of synthetic-based cleaners, lubricants and preservative compounds for military weapon maintenance, law enforcement, civilian firearms, high-performance sports equipment and industrial machinery. Products such as the Powder Blast™, CLP® and Collector® protect the longevity and integrity of firearms. Break Free is part of The Safariland Group. For more information, visit

About The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland® Armor, Duty Gear and Communications, Bianchi®, Break Free®, Hatch®, Med-Eng®, Identicator® and Nik®. The Safariland Group's mission, “Together, We Save Lives®”, is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.

For more information about The Safariland Group and these products, please visit Visit for information on this brand.

For media resources and information, please visit the

The Board of Directors of MidwayUSA announced the promotion of Matt Fleming to CEO/President effective immediately.  Matt joined MidwayUSA in 2001 as a Sales and Marketing Manager and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2004.  Matt was promoted again in 2009 to President.  Since taking the reins as President, MidwayUSA has enjoyed tremendous growth, increasing Customers by more than 300% while also increasing Customer Satisfaction from 91% to 94%. Additionally, under his tenure as President, MidwayUSA received two consecutive Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards.

MidwayUSA Founder, former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Larry Potterfield relinquished his role as CEO, but will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and will work closely with Matt throughout his transition. “Matt Fleming has been an integral part of the growth of MidwayUSA over the past 20 years.  His exceptional leadership qualities, attention to detail and focus on serving Customers make him the perfect choice to lead MidwayUSA into the future,” said Mr. Potterfield.

Although Fleming becomes the first non-family CEO in the Company’s history, MidwayUSA will continue to operate as a family owned business. “Growing up as a shooter, hunter and outdoorsman, I dreamed of having a career in the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor industry. 20 years ago, that dream came true when my now friend and mentor Larry Potterfield gave me an opportunity to work at MidwayUSA. I can’t imagine another place where my personal values better align with the values of the Company,” said Matt Fleming. “The Potterfields are amazing people who put Customers first, treat Employees like family, value strong Supplier relationships and generously give back to our industry. I'm honored and humbled to lead our incredible high-performing Employees and will do everything in my power to extend the wonderful legacy the Potterfields have established.”

About MidwayUSA

Both country kids from Missouri, Larry and Brenda Potterfield turned their passion for shooting sports into a career by opening a small gun shop in 1977 that would eventually become MidwayUSA (  They instilled family values like honesty, integrity and respect for others into the business, and strive to maintain this culture with each Employee added to their growing team. For 43 years, MidwayUSA has maintained an unyielding focus on Customer Satisfaction and continues to offer JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING® for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors

GENESEO, ILL. (02/25/21) – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce a new option for concealed carriers who want the benefits of the highest-capacity micro 9mm handgun in the world, along with the added security of a manual safety.

The Springfield Hellcat® OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol) is now available with an optional ambidextrous, low-profile manual thumb safety. While the Hellcat’s numerous passive safety mechanisms make the striker-fired handgun safe to carry and operate, this new option is ideal for those that prefer the addition of a manual safety.

Disengaging the frame-mounted safety merely requires a downward sweep of the thumb on either side of the pistol. The edges of the Hellcat safety levers on both sides are contoured to be snag proof for smooth drawing and re-holstering, and the surfaces are lightly serrated for positive engagement by the user.

“The Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP with manual safety gives users yet another option with this exceptional concealed carry pistol,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “With the addition of the safety and its OSP red dot mounting capability, this Hellcat is a great EDC option.”

Just like the original Hellcat OSP, this new model comes with an 11- and a 13-round magazine and is packed with premium features like a 3” hammer-forged Melonite-coated barrel, co-witness tritium U-Dot™ sights, Adaptive Grip Texture and much more. The result is a pistol that is ready to give you The Capacity to Defend™.

Hellcat® 3" Micro Compact OSP™ 9mm w/ Manual Safety | HC9319BOSPMS

For more information, visit

About Springfield Armory®

In 1794, the original Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the defense of our young, free Republic. The Armory functioned as a firearms supplier for every major American conflict until 1968 when the government sadly closed its doors. In 1974, nearly two centuries after its inception, Springfield Armory Inc. in Geneseo, Ill. revived the iconic heritage of the Armory to carry on its legacy.

We strive to honor this responsibility as guardians of the original Springfield Armory legacy by manufacturing the highest quality firearms to enable responsible citizens to preserve their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

With an unmatched emphasis on craftsmanship, performance and exceptional customer service, our mission is to forge superior firearms and provide the tools necessary to defend individual freedoms and equality for those who embrace the rights and principles secured by our Founding Fathers. For more information, please visit us at:

Ann Arbor, MI (February 25, 2021) While Vudu® is relatively new compared to its parent company, EOTECH®, it has built a rock-solid reputation in the optics world. It has very quickly become the go-to-optic among precision shooters, hunters and operators with good reason!

There's a kind of magic at work in a Vudu rifle scope. A long list of drool-inducing features and tough-as-nails construction somehow come together to create a precision amalgamation that is surprisingly affordable for a top-notch rifle optic. The recipe behind EOTECH's line of Vudu rifle scopes creates a heady brew of durability, precision and versatility. Every scope is engineered and built to withstand the most rugged use and toughest conditions while also meeting the precision and performance demands of today's serious precision shooters.

The body of every Vudu scope is cut from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a hard-anodized, durable finish. This combination provides clear advantages in the field, protecting the internal glass from water, fog dust and grime. All Vudu scopes are shock-resistant and can take a serious beating.

Vudu riflescopes offer both first-focal-plane and second-focal-plane models to suit all shooting applications. From low power variable optics (LPVO's) designed for quick and accurate target acquisition, to medium and high powered rifle scopes that include bullet drop and wind hold solutions, the Vudu scope line has it covered.

Vudu lenses set the standard in scope design with superior optical clarity and shooter-friendly features. All scopes feature the highest-quality multi-coated, super-clear XC High-Density glass that provides incredible light transmission and color reproduction. This allows for exceptional edge-to-edge clarity and resolution.

With Vudu's illuminated scope reticles that include either glass-etched or fiber-optic illumination solutions, shooters will find target acquisition in any lighting condition fast and absolute. With simple push-button operation and ten brightness levels, it can adapt to any situation, and a 2-hour auto-shutoff feature ensures the batteries won't be drained when stored. Plus, etched reticles mean the scope can be used during daylight hours, without the illumination feature.

Vudu's one-piece eyepiece makes transitioning from low to high magnification easy and fluid. The included, removable throw lever is easy to locate and allows shooters quick magnification changes. Vudu's surgically precise turret systems allow shooters to re-index to zero after sighting in their optic, allowing for confident windage and elevation adjustments in the field to ensure critical shots hit their mark when it matters most.

With the variety of models currently available with a host of reticles to choose from, there's a special brew that's perfect for every shooter. For more information, visit

FLORA, Miss. – February 25, 2021 – Primos® Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, has been awarded two Readers’ Choice 2021 Gold Awards by the readers of Shooting Sports Retailer® and Tactical Retailer® magazines. These awards highlighted Primos in the Shooting Stick category, showing just how disruptive the Primos Trigger Stick line has become throughout the industry.

With nearly 40 years of history, Shooting Sports Retailer (SSR) is considered “The Voice of the Independent Retailer” in the shooting sports market. SSR is trusted by hundreds of shooting sports retailers to stay on top of the latest market trends, including what top products to stock. Likewise, Tactical Retailer serves the growing tactical retail market. The readers of both publications have used these awards to voice what brands they believe belong on the top shelf.

“Shooting Sports Retailer launched its Readers’ Choice Awards for the first time in nearly 40 years of being the B2B shooting sports market leader,” said Derrick Nawrocki, president of Grand View Outdoors, the publisher of Shooting Sports Retailer. “Taking the inaugural Gold Award in the shooting sticks category proves that this product line from Primos, long known as a market leader in calls, has climbed to the top of the hill once again in a completely different product category.”

Voting for this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards was conducted via an online submission system. Thousands of ballots were submitted by readers for various product categories and brands. The votes were then tallied to determine the 2021 Readers’ Choice winners. These awards are used by countless sportsmen and women to get an inside look into the best brands to consider when gearing up for upcoming hunting seasons.

With multiple configurations available, including a model specifically for crossbows, Primos Trigger Sticks have taken the shooting stick market by storm. For more information on Primos shooting sticks, visit

About Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting, a Vista Outdoor brand, manufactures calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl as well as blinds, shooting accessories, game cameras, attractants and supplements, clothes, and other hunting accessories. Primos also produces the ever-popular video series “The TRUTH” and the television show “Primos’ TRUTH About Hunting.” For news and information, visit or follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at Stream the Language on YouTube at

Buck Knives is pleased to team up with Seacat Creative as an extension of their marketing team.

Residing in Bozeman, Montana, Seacat Creative is a full service digital experience agency with expansive knowledge in digital marketing, branding strategies, content creation, and film production. The Seacat team also has expertise in ambassador management, cross-marketing, and co-branding opportunities.

“We’re eager to work with the talented team at Seacat Creative and bring to life the Buck Knives story. Seacat’s team prides themselves on telling stories that build remarkable brands and make a difference. Their portfolio of work, their quality of content and their innovative approach toward todays marketing needs make this a perfect fit,” said Chris Bourassa, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Buck Knives.

Over the last decade, Seacat has worked with numerous brands that share a passion for the great outdoors and the animals that inhabit them. Some of Seacat’s triumphs in brand development are illustrated through their collaborations with brands such as Yeti, Kuiu, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Danner, Sitka, Simms, GorTex and more.

“We are excited to help grow a brand that is rooted in integrity, heritage, and quality craftsmanship. As an agency, we are always looking for opportunities to tell authentic stories of real people. Our partnership with Buck is a great chance to do that,” said Courtney Gerard, COO of Seacat Creative.

About Seacat Creative:

For over the course of the last decade, Seacat has served in promoting brands that engage in direct-to-consumer markets and brick-and-mortar.

For more information, visit

About Buck Knives:

Behind every Buck knife is over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship. The very best materials and state-of-the-art technology are used to create knives that meet the exacting demands expected of a high quality knife. Buck stands behind every knife made with their famous Forever Warranty.

For over 100 years Leupold has stood for innovation and quality which is why Mark Peterson partnered with such a prestigious brand. “Leupold is a natural fit for what we do every day at Worldwide Trophy Adventures. Their innovation and comprehensive product offering are viable for nearly every pursuit imaginable. From sheep hunting in the most unforgiving locations to an upland hunt, there are quality products to enhance one’s adventure experience.” said Mark Peterson.

Peterson has traveled the world for decades using Leupold products (yet another reason for his passion and dedication to the brand). Peterson also commented, “We are so proud to become an official partner of Leupold and having many in-field experiences with their product, I not only believe in Leupold, but I also swear by it.”

Mark Peterson is a hunter and conservationist supporting global stewardship of wildlife. He is currently pursuing the Triple Weapon Super Slam (29 North American Big Game Species using a rifle, bow and muzzleloader in each respective category) and North American Waterfowl Slam. Mark has successfully completed the North American Sheep Slam, Triple Slam, World Turkey Slam and North America Upland Slam. His dedication to the outdoors allows him to be an outfitter and TV host.

About Mark V Peterson,

Currently the Co-Owner & CEO at Worldwide Trophy Adventures, Owner of Rusted Rooster Media & Hatch Marketing Group, Co-Owner of Salt River Outfitters, Co-Owner of Goose Haven Canada, Co-Owner of Safari River Outfitters, Owner of Yukon Peak Outfitters and part-owner of The Wildlife Gallery. Host of Mark Peterson's Expedition Series & Mark Peterson's Triple Threat on Pursuit Channel and The Journey Within - A Bird Hunters Diary on Youtube. In addition, I’m currently working on my Super Slam and I aim to complete it in a few more years. I continue to hunt with my father, who has appeared on my television shows. And soon, you’ll see 3 generations of Petersons out there, hunting and enjoying the outdoors together.

If you are interested in learning more about Mark Peterson or Worldwide Trophy Adventures, please see:, and Also watch for new episodes of Expedition Series and Triple Threat Series on The Pursuit Channel.

Mark Peterson| Owner/Host

Archers Boulch and Gontier Finish First and Second at Nîmes Archery Tournament

FLORA, Miss. – February 25, 2021 – Gold Tip, an industry leader in carbon arrows and bolts, is celebrating a strong finish at this year’s Sud de France – Nîmes Archery Tournament in Nîmes, France. Leading the competition were Team Gold Tip archers Jean Phillipe Boulch and Adrien Gontier who placed first and second respectively in the Men’s division. In the Women’s division, Lola Grandjean brought home a bronze medal utilizing a Bee Stinger stabilizer.

“Jean Phillippe Boulch and Adrien Gontier are two of the very best archers in France,” said Tim Gillingham, National Shooting Staff Manager for Gold Tip and Bee Stinger™. “Indoor archery is a slugfest of precise accuracy where one miss can eliminate you from the competition, so Jean Phillipe and Adrien coming in first and second is a massive accomplishment.”

Boulch and Gontier were shooting Gold Tip Nine.3 Max Pro Shafts. Boulch was also using Bee Stinger Premier Plus Bars with Countervail while Gontier used Bee Stinger Microhex™ Bars.

“Gold Tip arrows and Bee Stinger bars are a big part of our team’s setup and success,” Gillingham said. “We have great products because they are built by archers and for archers. We’ve proven that these designs are the best on the market time after time at competitions like Nîmes.”

The Nîmes Archery Tournament is the premier indoor archery competition and trade show in Europe, attracting the best archers from across the continent. After being postponed several weeks due to health measures, the 23rd annual Nîmes Archery Tournament was held January 29-31.

About Gold Tip

Gold Tip, a Vista Outdoor Brand, is an archery manufacturer of the most innovative, durable and precise carbon arrows in the world. Every Gold Tip arrow is manufactured from the finest aerospace-grade materials, and built to meet the industry’s weight and straightness specifications. Gold Tip’s products are supported by a network of knowledgeable and friendly employees, dealers, and distributors. That’s why many of the world’s top professional archers depend on Gold Tip, and why bow hunters and archers claim that Gold Tip makes the toughest arrows they’ve ever shot. For news and product information, go to or follow us on Facebook at and Instagram

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 25, 2021)— Now in its second year, TETRA Hearing has received the NRA’s 2021 American Hunter Golden Bullseye Award recognizing its pursuit-based program, Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), for Gear of the Year.

STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances specific game sounds, such as a turkey gobble or an elk bugle, while still protecting you from loud noises like gun blasts.

“Being only our second year, this award really is awesome,” said Dr. Bill Dickinson, TETRA’s CEO and co-founder. “We knew from the beginning we’d have to change the way people think about sound, and especially protection, when it comes to hearing devices for hunting. Our goal was to optimize the unique sound experience that is specific to every pursuit and every hunter. After all, no two hunts are alike, and neither are two hunters’ ears. To be recognized for this program by a premier publication like American Hunter is extremely rewarding.”

The winners are selected by a seven-member committee consisting of editors, graphic designers and veteran NRA Publications staff, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting and hunting industry. To qualify for consideration for a Golden Bullseye Award, a product must have been:

  • Recently introduced and available to consumers prior to the selection of the Golden Bullseye Awards
  • Used/tested by a staff member or regular contributor to the magazine and/or affiliated media
  • Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations
  • Innovative in design and function
  • Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser
  • Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry and, perhaps more importantly, its enthusiasts

The awards will be presented during the 2021 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits scheduled for September 3-5, 2021, in Houston, Texas. The complete list of winners will appear in the May 2021 issues of American Hunter, American Rifleman and Shooting Illustrated magazines.

Dr. Dickinson shares more details about TETRA Hearing, the innovation that makes TETRA the new industry leader, and the influence they want to have on the outdoor market here.

TETRA isn’t just hearing protection, it’s hearing perfection.

For more information about TETRA Hearing and its complete line of products, and to take an online hearing test to learn which product is best suited for your needs, visit

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 26, 2021) - SCI Foundation (SCIF)'s First for Wildlife Endowment recently made its first ever grant disbursements following approval from its Board of Directors. The endowment was established in 2015 to support the long-term implementation of the Foundation's mission to ensure the future of wildlife through conservation, education and hunting. The generosity and passion for wildlife among SCIF supporters is shown by the almost 400% growth of the endowment from 2015 to its current balance of over $3.5 million.

"It's a historic day for SCIF," said SCI Foundation President, Craig Kauffman. "The vision of our leadership and successful development efforts, thanks to our dedicated donor base, is finally being realized."

The first funds will be applied to SCIF's newly developed conservation strategies focused on African leopard conservation, grizzly bear management and chronic wasting disease risk assessment. In recent years, the organization's leadership with input from membership surveys identified these issues as priority focal areas, representing a significant shift in the way SCIF implements its conservation mission to increase impact.

This endowment funding comes right after a matching grant contribution from SCI Foundation's Hunter Legacy 100 Fund Endowment, combining for an unprecedented investment in the organization's conservation program and long-term commitment to these strategies. With this support, these funding mechanisms have set up SCI Foundation for continued success through the challenging COVID pandemic and beyond.

Over the years, the First for Wildlife Endowment has been funded by the contributions of SCI members and other hunter-conservationists that have made a commitment to the future of wildlife. A special thank you goes to all these donors for making this historic moment happen.

To completely fund these three critical strategies for the next five years will take everyone with an interest in wildlife conservation working together. To this end, SCIF is asking hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to step up and contribute to the future of wildlife. To learn more about the strategies or to make a donation, visit

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. Nearly 200 Chapters represent all 50 states of the United States as well as 106 countries. SCI's proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Learn more at, or call (520) 620-1220 for more information. International Headquarters Washington, District of Columbia * Tucson, Arizona * Ottawa, Canada

New rule to protect Florida deer populations 

At its February meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved rule changes that prohibit importing or possessing whole carcasses or high-risk parts of deer, elk, moose, caribou and all other species of the deer family originating from any place outside of Florida. These rule changes continue the FWC’s work to protect Florida’s deer populations by reducing the risk of chronic wasting disease spreading into the state. The new rules go into effect July 1, 2021, and replace FWC Executive Order 19-41

FWC staff worked with numerous stakeholder groups to develop the rule changes. Under the approved rules, people may import into Florida: de-boned meat; finished taxidermy mounts; antlers; hides; and skulls, skull caps and teeth if all soft tissue has been removed. In addition, the rules allow an exception for deer harvested from a property in Georgia or Alabama if such property is bisected by the Florida state line and is under the same ownership. However, the rule amendments do not include the permit option allowed under FWC Executive Order 19-41 to import whole deer or high-risk parts from properties in Georgia or Alabama provided certain requirements are met.

The FWC has been testing deer for CWD since 2002 and the disease has not been detected in Florida. CWD has been detected in 26 states and three Canadian provinces and is one of the most serious diseases facing state wildlife agencies. This infectious disease of the brain and central nervous system is always fatal for members of the deer family and there’s no known cure or effective vaccine. Currently, there is no scientific evidence that CWD can be transmitted to humans.

The abnormal proteins or prions that cause CWD can be transmitted through direct animal-to-animal contact as well as indirectly through contact with the saliva, urine, feces, blood and carcass parts of an infected animal. It can even spread through soil. Leaving CWD infected carcasses or carcass parts on the land can contaminate the soil and the CWD prions are capable of infecting other deer for years. Learn more about CWD

The new rules are another step in an ongoing effort to reduce the risk of CWD being introduced into or throughout Florida. The FWC implemented its CWD surveillance program in 2002 and, in 2005, prohibited importing into Florida whole deer carcasses and high-risk parts from states where CWD has been detected. Importing live members of the deer family was prohibited in 2013 and, in 2019, EO 19-41 prohibited importing or possessing carcasses and high-risk parts of all members of the deer family originating from any place outside of Florida with exceptions. 

For more information about CWD, visit

February 2021 (Bainbridge, GA) – Taurus, manufacturer of premium handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting, is excited to announce another expansion of its premiere hunting revolver line with the introduction of the new Raging Hunter .460 S&W.

Since its introduction, the Taurus Raging Hunter™ has earned its chops as a dependable revolver capable of taking down big game. From the Southern swamps to the Rocky Mountains, the Raging Hunter has proven itself on tough animals and was even awarded the 2019 American Hunter Hunting Handgun of the Year.

For 2021, the Taurus Raging Hunter will be offered in the .460 S&W chamber. This expands the Raging Hunter lineup that already includes such popular hunting handgun calibers as the .454 Casull, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum/.38 Special +P.

“Handgun hunting is on the upswing as experienced hunters look to expand their options and, quite frankly, seek new and challenging ways to enjoy their hunting passion while putting healthy wild game on the table,” said Taurus CEO Bret Vorhees. “The Taurus Raging Hunter was a hit among veteran and new handgun hunters when we introduced it in 2019. We are now answering the consumer demand for even more chamber options and downrange performance with the new Raging Hunter in .460 S&W.”

The Raging Hunter series sets a new benchmark for dedicated hunting revolvers, beginning with its sleeved barrel construction for reduced weight, factory-tuned porting, and a gas-expansion chamber to help reduce muzzle rise. An integrated, full-length Picatinny rail along the barrel shroud makes optic installation easy. For those hunters who prefer open sights, the rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. To help manage recoil and ensure positive, no-slip retention, the Raging Hunter comes with an ergonomic finger-groove grip with cushioned inserts.

For more information on the Raging Hunter series, go to

Taurus Raging Hunter .460 S&W Specifications

Caliber: .460 S&W Magnum

Action Type: DA/SA

Capacity: 5

Barrel Length: 8-3/8" / 6-3/4" / 5-1/8"

Overall Length: 14.9" / 13.2" /11.6"

Overall Height: 6.5" / 6.6" / 6.6"

Overall Width: 1.92"

Weight: 65.6 oz. / 61.5 oz. / 57.7 oz.

Sights Front: fixed

Sights Rear: fully adjustable

Materials (Frame): alloy steel or stainless

Materials (Barrel): stainless

Safety Device: transfer bar

Finish: matte black or two-tone

Rail (top): Picatinny MIL-STD-1913

MSRP: $968.18 Black / $983.33 Two Tone

About Taurus:

Taurus Holdings, Inc. (“Taurus”) and its subsidiaries continues to evolve and produce revolutionary new products. In addition, new standards for quality and efficiency help deliver reliable and affordable guns to the market. Taurus is based in Bainbridge, Georgia. Taurus is owned by Taurus Armas, S.A. which is a publicly traded company based in Brazil. Taurus Armas S.A. manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide.

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