NOVEMBER 20, 2023

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Selecting the Right Hunting Ammo for Newcomers

By: Jon Zinnel — Federal Ammunition

The age-old question is, what ammo do I need to pursue this game or fowl? This is one of those questions with multiple answers, and the personal opinions come in very heavy. Here are a few basics to remember while you choose your next round of ammo to head out into the field.

Upland Hunting: Whether you are pursuing quail in the deserts of Arizona or roosters in Iowa, it is important to understand your choice loads and your choke tubes. Let's start the conversation with some smaller birds like quail or grouse and end with the mighty longtail.

Quail are fast, sneaky, and usually within close distance when running good pointing dogs. This is why you want more open chokes along with smaller shot sizes. This combination allows for the most opportunity to harvest. No. 7.5 shot size works the best in this application. If using a double-barreled shotgun, I'd suggest you set your chokes up for your first shot using a skeet choke tube and your follow-up shot being an improved cylinder. As the season continues and birds see pressure, many hunters go to larger shot sizes such as No. 6's. They slowly tighten their patterns using improved cylinder choke or modified tubes. This will extend their patterns for those further flushing birds.

The mighty ringneck pheasant is a hearty bird bearing their distinctive longtail, causing optical illusions and providing poor wing shooters with excuses for their missed birds for decades. Some pursue pheasants with flushing dogs, and some maintain that a pointer is the superior hunting companion, but all doggy discussion aside, let's jump into some shotshell options.

It is far more common to target a flushing rooster at a distance, and because they are heartier birds, it is best to tighten up your chokes and choose a larger shot size for the best ethical shot. Many advanced loads on the market today are designed explicitly for dropping roosters, whether by using blended shot, advanced wad designs, uniformity of components, and more. Many hunters choose to run a modified choke tube when chasing pheasants. This gives them more opportunities for further flushing birds. This is especially true during late season walks when the birds have seen pressure.

You must run your loads through various choke tubes at the pattern board at multiple distances to ensure they match up nicely with your choke tubes. If a pattern board isn't available at your local gun club, I suggest you find larger cardboard boxes or butcher paper and design your own pattern board analysis. Many hunters don't pay much attention to this quick and painless process to help them become more proficient in the field.

Waterfowl Hunting: Choosing a waterfowl load depends on where you are hunting and what species you plan to target. Many waterfowlers nationwide are set up for specific species, but most target multiple species on the water or in a field.

A 12-gauge shotgun is the tool of choice in the waterfowl world. But when checking in at sporting goods stores across the country or visiting with customers at the Delta Waterfowl's Duck Hunters Expo, sub gauges have resurgent in the market. With many more options coming out in 28 gauge and 16 gauge—and the shotshell technology improving astronomically—it is no surprise that hunters choose the lighter weight, fast swinging, and lower recoil options.

While searching for options for waterfowl hunting, keep in mind some of the advanced loads out there, such as Federal BlackCloud®, which offer a great blended shot option with consistent patterns. Another option is the new Hevi-Bismuth loads that provide you with 22 percent denser material over steel and more downrange energy for ethical harvesting.

Regardless of the gauge you plan to use, many hunters are expected to use smaller shot sizes, such as No. 4 in the early seasons. This provides more shot in their patterns for those quick-flying teal and smaller birds. As the season progresses and the larger birds head south and become more hesitant to decoys, hunters will choose larger shot sizes like No. 2 shot or BB loads.

Check out this great article on the Federal Premium website to better understand Selecting Chokes for Non-Lead Shot.

Centerfire Rifle Hunting: The decision on which is best between apples, oranges, or bananas may be an easier conversation than trying to point you to the best rifle cartridge. The bullet options are plentiful whether you're a purest with some of the original cartridges like the 30-06 SPRG or the .270 WIN. Some of the newer cartridges, such as the PRCs or the Creedmoors, offer just as many or more options in the marketplace. Bottom line, there are oodles of bullet options, weights, and manufacturers for those pursuing big or small game with a centerfire rifle. But here's a quick breakdown of some basics on the bullet options you may see when you head to the store.

The classic soft point "Cup and Core" bullet options exist in the masses, often at an economical price. This makes them some of the most common ammo for hunters. They perform very well on medium to large game and are known for their immense wound channels. Some evident challenges with the bullets await their contact with the animal; they may break apart and create some meat loss.

Many prefer Using a monolithic bullet for several reasons, including accuracy. After connecting with the game animal, many all-copper options provide great downrange energy within range and maintain their integrity and weight. These features make this a very popular option.

There are other bonded bullets on the market that, by using polymer tips, channeling around the actual bullets, and other technologies, can provide the hunter with match-grade accuracy, all while maintaining its performance on game. Some have come as far as to have electro-chemically bonding of the copper jacket to the lead core. This process provides a high-quality bullet that retains weight after connecting with your targeted species. These bullets with flattened trajectories and less wind drift, minimizing drag, optimize the downrange performance on game of all sizes. This simply means these are some of the most—if not the most—accurate hunting bullets with the highest weight retention to offer hunters an ethical harvest.

Muzzleloader Hunting: Hunting with a muzzleloader may only be for some, but it can provide hunters with longer seasons and, in some cases, additional hunting opportunities. From the original flintlocks to some more modern in-line muzzleloaders, there have always been limitations and challenges in dealing with moist powder, dirty nipples, and ignition issues.

In 2020, Federal Ammunition engineers launched a new proprietary patented propellant and ignition system called the FireStick®, the most revolutionary upgrade to the muzzleloading industry since the in-line muzzleloader was introduced.

This new system utilizes a premeasured self-contained propellant capsule. The powder capsules are sold in 80, 100, and 120-grain options. Let me further explain how this system works, as it has been misconstrued in the marketplace since its inception.

First, this system requires that the projectile (sabot) be exclusively loaded with a ramrod down the rifle's muzzle. There is no way to load a projectile other than to put it down the muzzle. The projectile is firmly seated against the bullet shelf inside of the barrel.

Secondly, the hinge action can be broken open, and the powder capsule is then installed into the open breech. A 209 Muzzleloader primer is then inserted into the backside of the capsule to charge the powder capsule.

Finally, close the action, and the rifle is ready to fire. You must pull the hammer back and turn off the safety and fire.

This new system is wonderful for newcomers to the muzzleloader market or those seeking to get back involved and branch out of their normal hunting seasons. Like any rifle, each usually has its favorite and most accurate bullet, so it is highly encouraged to get a few options and hit the range to determine which may be best for your rifle.

Overall, the general observation here is how important it is as a hunter to take the time to not only sight in your rifles and pattern your shotguns before hunts but also take some time to understand your ammunition and the performance they provide. The process of patterning your shotguns is just as necessary as it is sighting in your rifles ahead of the season. Purchasing ammunition at the retail level can be intimidating. If you stick to the basics and, determine which option will best fit your needs and spend time at the range to fully understand its performance, you will be a far more successful hunter.

Jon has been in the Shooting Sports and Conservation Industry for over a decade and has had the opportunity to work for several leading conservation organizations throughout the country. A little bit about Jon, he grew up in Northern Iowa. It was there that he cultivated his passion for conservation programs and shooting sports. Currently he is the Conservation and Youth Shooting Sports Sr. Manager for Federal Premium, Remington, Hevi-Shot and CCI Ammunition. Jon has a strong background in conservation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Northwest Missouri State University and a Masters Degree from Western Governors University. He works directly with conservation and shooting sports professionals across the country. He has been a leader in the R3 movement within state agencies and Conservation and Youth Programs. As an avid outdoorsman, Jon enjoys everything from chasing birds in the great prairie lands to tracking down elk in the high country of the west. Jon is a family man through and through and enjoys sharing his passion to continue work on conservation and R3 efforts for hunters and shooters across this great country.

2023-2024 Voice of Leadership Panelists

Jon Zinnel, Federal Ammunition
Dan Forster, Archery Trade Association
Brent Miller, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
Rick Brazell, First Hunt Foundation
Mark Peterson, Worldwide Trophy Adventure
Michelle Scheuermann, Bullet Proof Communications


The Voice of Leadership Panel is an appointed group of outdoor industry leaders who have volunteered to contribute their voices on crucial hunting and outdoor recreation issues to inform, inspire, and educate participants within our community.

Enticing Lessers: A Practical Guide to bagging Lesser Canada Geese This Season

I’m Chad Belding, with The Fowl Life Television, and I am stoked to share the knowledge I have accumulated from our good friends and waterfowl experts across the country. Today we’re going to dive into the world of Lesser Canada goose hunting. It's a different beast compared to the big honkers, and we're here to give you the lowdown. No fancy talk, just the gritty details you need to make your next hunt a double-cluckin’ success. Let’s Keep Talkin’

Spotting the Difference: When you're in the field hunting Lesser Canada geese, knowing your target is crucial. These northern birds nest in the wilds of Northern and Western Alaska and Nunavut. They are known as Arctic nesting birds. Their migration is massive, starting from the northern tip of North America, and making their way down primarily through the Pacific and central flyways, but some will spread out throughout the country as well. These birds look similar to their larger cousins, but they are not the same. They talk a bit differently— with their higher-pitched honks, sharp clucks, and moans; They are significantly smaller, and they require a unique skillset to fool them on a hunt.

Decoy Hustle and Keeping it Real: Lessers roll in huge feeds, sometimes thousands deep. To get their attention, your decoy game has to be solid. Spread 'em way out, and cover a ton of ground. Even if you don't own enough decoys to have a huge spread, placing your decoys a little further apart the way you would see the geese feeding in a field is very important. If your decoys are too close together, it will make your spread look unnatural and they'll know something is off. Mimic what you've seen while scouting, and don't overcrowd. Make it look natural, create pockets and loose areas, and keep those geese interested and looking when they come in.

Calling with Attitude: Lesser Canada geese are suckers for the loud and proud. Hit 'em with higher-pitched, sharp honks, sharp, aggressive clucks, and moans that cut through the air. But here's the trick—don't blow your whole repertoire at once. Less is more, especially as the season rolls on and these birds get savvy. These birds are hunted hard. They will quickly learn from their mistakes and we even see them become wary of silhouettes later in the season. Keep some calling tricks up your sleeve for when the birds start to pick things apart a little closer!

Reading the Birds: Pay attention to what those geese are telling you with their body language. If they aren't feeling what you have to say, your calls to them likely won't mean squat. Listen to the guys who've been around the block, their advice is almost always “less is more.” Some guys will spend an entire day blowing their lungs out at geese a mile away whether they are showing interest or not. The truth is, unless the birds are feelin’ it on some level, it's unlikely they will play. Learn to read their body language. If they're close enough, you just need one bird to show interest in what you have to say. It's worth the effort to try, but know when you've lost their attention and when you never had it at all.

Timing is Everything: When those geese appear on the horizon, start loud to grab their attention. Get sharper and more aggressive as they close in. It's not about making more noise; it's about sounding like you own the place. Use a loud call for faraway geese and switch it up as they come in, getting more aggressive, more sharp, and to them, sounding more territorial. You want them to think the geese on the ground are really enjoying whatever food they've found.

Scout Like a Pro: Successful Lesser Canada goose hunting starts well before you hit the field. Scout the area like it's your job. Know where the flocks are feeding, roosting, and loafing. These birds move, so staying one step ahead is your ticket to success.

Blend Like a Shadow: Lesser Canada geese might not be as urban-savvy as their big cousins, but they definitely aren't dumb. Hide well, stay still, and consider setting up outside your decoy spread to avert attention. These birds are wary, so make sure to use everything you can to fool them!

So there you have it, a gritty guide to bagging those Lesser Canada geese. No fluff, just real tips to up your hunting game. Get out there, scout smart, make some noise, and bring home a haul you can be proud of. Enjoy your season, and keep talkin’.

By Dan Larsson

Look at that mass and dark chocolate coloring.

I was following the muley doe through downed lodgepole timber when I heard it - big antlers bouncing off each other below me on an old logging road. You know that moment when your heart slows, and you know you are about to get a poke at a truly big buck. I left the doe and began creeping down the ridge. Every step was carefully picked up and placed on another log's other side, laying 1-4 feet off the ground. They were well under 200 yards, and a snapped stick would ruin the opportunity I knew was about to present itself. They didn't work their way toward the doe, so I kept searching for an opening to view my greatly anticipated monster. It was getting dark, and I was running out of time. I started creeping faster and faster. An opening showed some movement. Antlers! Big antlers! Moose…antlers. What on earth were two bull moose fighting a month after their rut?

Do moose have a 2nd rut? I do not know.

I can't begin to tell you how awed I was at the experience while being completely crabbed that my giant muley buck had just morphed into a moose. Well, now what? I hiked back to the vehicle and made my way home. It was a bittersweet drive. At least I'd had ice cream on the way up. No, grown men don't pout. I keep telling myself that.

The year 2021 shall be known as the year the weather didn't cooperate for hunting. I have a wolf-trapping buddy who says the weather in Montana this season kept him from producing. There were pockets of brief rutting early, but I couldn't find good rutting activity until the end of the season, just before Thanksgiving. I love showing people how to hunt and helped nine guys harvest big game this year. It didn't leave much personal time to hunt, and I was beginning to think I would eat my general license instead of a buck.

That last week before the end of rifle season, I found a canyon with rutting muleys. There were half a dozen that included two nice bucks. Unfortunately, they were what we call crab claws. There just needed to be more length to their fork tines. Harvesting them would have been a repeat of last year when I about croaked myself retrieving the buck I shot. Downfall, steep, loose sidehills, cliffs, and snow. Yay. Insert eye roll here. Nevertheless, I was determined to shoot one of them to rid the gene pool of poor forks and get some meat on the ground.

On the way up the canyon, I chose a spot on the mountain at 500 yards and checked the zero on my rifle. I had beat it all around the woods while hunting. It's good to freshen the carbon in the barrel and ensure I didn't abuse the scope to the point of missing an opportunity. I shot two bullets that hit their pie plate-sized mark and felt pretty good! Weatherby sent me an excellent rifle chambered in their new 6.5 RPM. This Rebated Precision cartridge gives you Magnum performance out of a lighter-weight action. It has a standard-sized rim and reduced length, allowing Weatherby to fit it in their 6-lug action instead of the 9-lug most comparable cartridges require. Their Backcountry Titanium rifle weighs less than 5 pounds! Wow! The gun they sent me was their Accumark. This rifle is well suited to accuracy with its hand-laid fiberglass stock and fluted barrel. It weighs more than 5 lbs, but long-range shooters know that more weight makes accuracy easier.

I and many shooters joke that the scope is more important than the rifle. This isn't true, but most hunters put their money into the rifle and skimp on the scope. A scope will only shoot as well as the gun it is on, and the gun will only shoot as well as the scope that calls in its airstrike. I chose the Skinner 1-6x scope for this application because it is decently light for a 30mm tube, and I know I can beat the tar out of it and trust it for the shot. Pairing it with the flat shooting 6.5 RPM means no holdover to 300 yards on a deer-sized killzone. The 1st hashmark was good to go at 500 yards, and I was competent with it to 7 football fields. Magnification is sometimes overrated.

Public land in Montana is open to everyone. When I drove up to my jump-off, where the logging road is gated, two vehicles and a camper were parked in 4-6 inches of snow. I'm not usually in a foul mood, but this season kicked me at every turn. A week before this, I had hiked above this gate, seeing deer as I moved out when the clouds lowered, and I had almost no visibility all day. Now, I had a ridge I knew bucks were on and people all over. Yay. Insert a sarcastic, happy comment for those hunters and their luck here.

In all actuality, I do wish those hunters at the gate luck. Hunting is a blessing for all, and Montana is blessed to offer an opportunity to so many. Nonetheless, you always hope you have the mountain to yourself for the day.

I love snow. It makes tracks and their age much more accessible to determine, and most deer must touch the ground occasionally. I drove halfway down the mountain, slept in my Jeep, and then returned to the road's end before daylight. I did this to scout and look for tracks in the snow. No new tracks. So, I headed back down the mountain to a usually closed gate. It was open, and there were no tracks in the fresh snow. I drove to the top of the mountain and began my hunt. Working my way along the top of the ridge, I hit a saddle at 1st light. The snow was torn up. Tracks everywhere showed signs of fighting bucks. You could see where a buck would stiffen his back legs, and the opposing buck would push him skidding backward. The best part was that the tracks looked fresh.

I left my rifle at the edge of the opening and started walking around, looking at the tracks and taking pictures. The bucks had torn up an area close to 70 yards square. I was so awe that I didn't notice the ears in the new growth timber above me. I'm still laughing. I looked up and froze. The muley did look in my direction were not spooked. Then, a flash of antlers as a buck chased one of them through the tiny openings. I slowly ran back to my rifle, returned to the log where I could see up the hill, and started tracking the deer with the scope. They were 200 yards away and fleeting back and forth. Finally, I saw a tall rack with lots going on and the body. I could barely see him through some tree limbs but could not see his rack. I put the crosshairs where the least number of limbs were and shot him.

He dropped. I didn't get to see that, as I'm pretty sure the 6.5 RPM put six trees on the ground before it hit the buck. (That was a joke…for those not expecting humor. Insert laugh here.) I hurried up to where the deer was and came upon the does at 10 yards. They were looking around, confused. This is a good sign that one of their numbers is unresponsive and immobile. I searched everywhere and found him lying in the snow. I took pictures and gutted him. I made knives and used a 540-layer belt knife during the gutting. Laying it in his armpit while I pulled the unwanted guys out, I forgot the knife there.

Returning to my Jeep, I could drive to a road below him, drag him down and into a tarp in the Jeep, and shut the back hatch. Yippee! No 24-hour retrieval this year. During the drag out, my knife fell off the ground. I didn't realize this until I was off the mountain.
I didn't get to see what his antlers looked like until I walked up to him. I am more than pleased with this 150's muley in the last few days of the season. I have one regret, though. I didn't get to see who he had just been fighting. Nonetheless, I was blessed and ended the season on a serious high note! No pouting on the drive down the mountain this day!

My son and I returned during bear season and hiked up the hill to the kill site. I had just broken my ankle in a horse accident and had to crutch my way along. We found my knife all rusted and sad. I refurbed it with desert ironwood handles, which are still in use!


Whitetails Unlimited recently awarded an $8,500 grant to the Northwoods Wildlife and Wetlands Club located in Mercer, Wisconsin.

SLG2, Inc. has officially released its impressive 2023 3rd Quarter Report, highlighting its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to guests, showcasing top-notch products from manufacturer partners, and collaborating with Bass Pro Shops and a variety of leading partners has resulted in another quarter of remarkable achievements.

TBA Outdoors, an outdoor industry marketing agency, is continually answering a host of questions and concerns from our clients. We thought that we would share some of our curated content on a myriad of topics from social media to marketing strategies to utilizing influencers and all things in between.

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QuietKat is proud to announce the hiring of Ross Botha as their new Sales Manager for Military, Law Enforcement, and Official Government Agencies (OGA).

You asked for it and now we are excited to announce the 6mm ARC upper as a new addition to the AR-15 platform that delivers unprecedented performance.

HeadHunters NW, the leading executive recruiting firm specializing in talent acquisition for the international small arms, shooting sports, and defense industries, presents an exclusive bonus episode of the HeadHunters NW Podcast

Sightmark’s Wraith Mini 2-16x35mm digital riflescope has received Guns & Ammo’s “Tech of the Year'' award for 2023. The Wraith Mini 2-16x35mm thermal riflescope stood out among its competitors thanks to its exceptional combination of digital infrared (IR) technology and a 384x288-resolution thermal sensor.

DSG Outerwear announces the launch of the Breanna 2.0 Fleece Camo Pullover and Bib Set in Mossy Oak® Country DNA® camouflage. Designed by women, for women, this innovative hunting apparel offers the perfect blend of function and comfort, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, has rallied behind a groundbreaking bill introduced in Congress on November 9, 2023, which aims to redirect tax stamp revenue from the sale of suppressors to vital conservation efforts and expedite the processing of applications.

This week on the No Lowballers Podcast, the crew is joined by Rick Larnerd from Gobbler Knob Long Rifles and Chris Powell from the Houndsman XP podcast to share some stories from their careers as conservation officers.

Brownells is honoring Veterans Day all week by donating a percentage of sales to Special Operations Wounded Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans of the Special Operations community.

New research from Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) sheds light on what type of firearms hunters prefer, and provides detailed insights into hunting with AR-Platform rifles. The research, entitled “Proliferation of Hunting with AR-Platform / Modern Sporting Rifles”, was conducted for OSCF by leading outdoor industry research firm Responsive Management.

Springfield Armory® announces the launch of its 2023 Fall Clothing Line, offering shooters and outdoor enthusiasts a broad selection of Springfield Armory-branded products.

Kryptek and FLY Racing have joined forces to bring enthusiasts and professionals an exciting new offering in the world of motocross gear.

NSSF will distribute 10,000 free gun locks for Dallas residents to promote secure firearm storage

Dead Ringer announces its new Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT 5-Pin Dovetail Bow Sight. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber arm, and tool-free locking arm knob, the Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT offers durable performance that won’t weigh a bow down.

The NRA Youth Education Summit is a six-day, all-expense paid leadership and scholarship experience for rising high school juniors and seniors in the Washington, DC area. Each summer, 30-40 high school students are selected from across the country to participate in a week-long educational fellowship around our nation’s capital.

HeadHunters NW is excited to announce the commencement of its third annual Industry Salary Survey, running from now through December 20, 2023. The HeadHunters NW Industry Salary Survey 2024 guarantees confidentiality for all participants.

X-Vision Optics is thrilled to partner with the Ahern Group, Manufacturer Representatives. 

Sightmark’s Wraith Mini 2-16x35mm digital riflescope has received Guns & Ammo’s “Tech of the Year” award for 2023.

ALPS OutdoorZ, a premier manufacturer of extreme-duty gear and accessories for hunters, announced week 4 of their Sales for Conservation initiative to support the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation has some great items for hunters on your gift list. Shop at for educational shot placement charts, 3D models, books, videos and apparel. 

The 2024 LIFT checks all the boxes. At sub-4 pounds, this next generation of hunting bows utilizes the all-new SwitchWeight X Cam delivering speeds up to 348 FPS while remaining deadly quiet.

For the eleventh year, Contender has donated a boat to benefit the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida (CCA Florida). On November 16, one winner will take home a brand new 2024 Contender 28T Center Console.

Armasight announces the release of the Sidekick 320 handheld Thermal Optic. The Sidekick, the smallest fully multi-functional 12-micron 320 thermal imaging monocular on the market, is available immediately online and in select retail outlets.

PARD Optics is pleased to announce an expansion of the territory serviced by Odle Sales. With 35+ years of experience, Odle Sales will now be the authorized Sales group for the entire United States.

Bear Creek Arsenal will be launching an in-store pickup service for online orders. Customers can now shop online from the comfort of their homes and pick up their purchases at the store on Fridays from 9 am-2 pm EST.

The Assassin 18’ Single Ladder comes with the patented Millennium-style ComfortMax seat with lumbar support that will fold in both directions. Ideal for all day sits, the full platform and footrest provide ample room for both sitting and standing.

The company is recognized for 24 years of experience in bringing innovative retail and eCommerce solutions to dealers

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Federal Ammunition’s FireStick muzzleloader ignition system has now been approved for use during the muzzleloader specific seasons in 25 states, including Minnesota, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and more. Additionally, several more state approvals are anticipated in 2024.

The Coliseum from Rutted-Up Blinds provides hunters with a stealthy yet comfortable setup to ambush bucks all season long.

Silencer Central has rallied behind a groundbreaking bill introduced in Congress on November 9, 2023, which aims to redirect tax stamp revenue from the sale of suppressors to vital conservation efforts and expedite the processing of applications.

X-Vision Optics is thrilled to partner with the Ahern Group, Manufacturer Representatives. The Ahern Group will promote X-Vision Optics in the TALO states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Ball and Buck has teamed up with Luminox to introduce a field watch that combines Ball and Buck’s signature iconography with the Swiss watch brand’s famed engineering. Just in time for the holidays, Ball and Buck Luminox Field Watch will launch November 16th, 2023 exclusively at

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With increased globalization and lower labor costs driving companies to outsource hunting products, bowhunters might just assume their equipment is made overseas. However, Easton arrows are one notable exception. 

Dead Ringer’s Super Freak Extreme mechanical broadhead is built to pair with today’s high kinetic energy bows and create devastating wound channels for short tracking jobs.

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Industry Day at the Range is thrilled to announce Aero Precision as the official WiFi Sponsor for the highly anticipated event in 2024. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the support and enhancement of connectivity during the premier shooting industry event.

The First Hunt Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronnie Hamilton as its new Interim Marketing Director.

XS Sights is now offering its new R3D 2.0 dual-illumination, tritium night sights for HK pistols. Designed to improve speed and accuracy in all light conditions, these second-generation R3D notch and post sights for personal defense are ideal for those looking to upgrade their factory sights.

MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the kickoff of their 2023 Cyber Week Sale. Starting today, Monday, November 20 through Monday, November 27.

The Savage Arms licensing program, in partnership with the Group 3 Holdings licensing group, is now shipping orders to retailers and product is available direct to consumers.

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Old Glory Bank is proud to announce that Old Glory Pay is now accepted by Code of Vets to make donating easy, secure and private. Old Glory Pay users can go to the Code of Vets website, at, to scan the Old Glory Pay QR code and easily make a donation to Code of Vets.

Waterfowl hunters, get ready to take your game to a new level with Millennium Marine’s B-100 seats, now available in two Mossy Oak® patterns. The B-100 BTL features the original Mossy Oak “Bottomland” pattern. The B-100 SGH seat comes in Mossy Oak’s waterfowl-specific “Shadow Grass” camouflage.

They are coming again! Family, friends, and acquaintances plan to come from near and far and reside nationwide on couches, cots, floors, and beds to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Federal Ammunition’s Podium Wad—a featured component in Federal Premium’s High Over All (HOA) competition-grade target loads—is available for the general shotshell reloading market.

Mathews and Mossy Oak have partnered to bring to life a new Bottomland bow; Mathews 2024 flagship bow, the LIFT, will feature the timeless Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern.

iRayUSA celebrates the availability of the Infrared Laser Rangefinding Modules for the BOLT and HYBRID series with a special dealer promotion, November 15th through December 31st, 2023, while supplies last.

Sparks, NV - The Fowl Life Podcast is the only podcast a waterfowler needs. The Fowl Life, TFL, Podcast is creating big waves in the waterfowl hunting community, and its recent rise in popularity has positioned it to become the most downloaded podcast in the world of waterfowl.

Swarovski Optik North America Ltd., a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, is presently seeking a Territory Sales Representative for the Northeast region.

Mike Robinson is an English restaurateur, one of Britain's most prominent game chefs, and a passionate outdoorsman. He's also the host of Farming the Wild on Outdoor Channel, which is going into its fourth season on Monday nights at 7 p.m. ET.

The Cold Culture Hooded Jacket Realtree, available in Realtree EDGE camo, combines fashion-forward style with durable weather protection. The core of the new Cold x Realtree partnership, this jacket fuses an edgy streetwear design with the outdoorsy look Realtree customers love.

Crosman Corporation announces the launch of the newest addition to its product lineup: the Fortify BB Revolver. Combining reliable performance, and the nostalgic styling of a classic revolver, including ivory-colored grips, the Fortify is sure to provide hours of shooting fun for any airgun enthusiast.

Today marks a milestone in the dynamic partnership between Target Sports USA and 704 Tactical as the renowned firearm enthusiast and YouTuber renews his exclusive contract with the premier online ammunition retailer.

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